Sunday, June 3, 2012

Visit Me at My New Spot On the Web

So, everything is in the process of redirecting to WordPress. Because we’re merging Eclipsed and my homeschool blog, Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, it’s going to take a bit longer for Eclipsed to point you there automatically.

In the meantime, you can follow this link to get there and start taking a look around. That means, if you’re quick, you’ll see my new site before my homeschool readers do since they’ll soon be sent there automatically.

Stop by and let me know what you think!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Changes Are Coming

I’ve got some big changes on the way and I hope you’ll follow along. I’m getting a big blog make-over and making the move to Word Press.

Part of that big make-over includes merging Eclipsed with my homeschool blog. Why the merge? Well, when I first started my weight-loss journey it was such a deeply personal thing that I felt like it needed its own space.

Now, though, fitness is just a part of who I am, so it seems silly (not to mention time-consuming) to maintain two blogs when they’re both such a part of me.

What’s going to change for you? Well, Eclipsed is going to get a new name, a new look, and a bit of its own personal space on my homeschool blog. I plan to post on weight-loss and fitness-related topics at least once a week.

I still want to continue to encourage each of you in your own journeys. I know that many of you are homeschooling moms like me, so taking charge of your health also means figuring out how that fits into your life as a homeschooling mom and what it looks like for your family.

So, I hope you’ll continue to follow along. If you’re a subscriber – or if you become one – you’ve got a chance to win!

See, for the most part, the move should be pretty seamless for you. Eclipsed should redirect to my new home on the web, but one thing that will be changing is Google Friend Connect. It’s going away for Word Press users. If this is how you follow Eclipsed:


you won’t be able to continue to follow me when I move to Word Press.

And, I don’t want to lose you. So, I’m hoping, if you’re currently following through Google Friend Connect, that you’ll sign up to follow Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers through email or RSS feed.

As a thank you, I’ll be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one subscriber. This includes existing subscribers, too. So, if you already read WUHS in a reader or through email, you can enter, too.

Once you’ve subscribed, the next email or RSS feed post will contain a giveaway code at the bottom of the post, under my signature. (If you’re already a subscriber, it should be there now.) You’ll need this code to enter the giveaway. Just enter the info requested and the giveaway code. That it’s!

If everything goes as planned, the move should take place late next Friday night, June 1. I’ll draw a winner then and notify the winner via email. Head on over to WUSH to enter!

I look forward to seeing you at my new digs soon!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekly Fit Check: I Survived

red apples

This has been an interesting week. On Monday, I had my first opportunity to speak for a group about my weight-loss.

One of our local Chick-Fil-A restaurants partners with the YMCA every so often to offer a Battle of the Bulge class.

Participants get free access to the Y for the duration of the 13-week program and they come to weekly meetings at Chick-Fil-A. The meetings cover a variety of health and fitness topics designed to educate attendees on healthier lifestyle options.

I participated in the program 2 years ago and got the know the Chick-Fil-A manager who organizes the program. Since my family is in CFA on a very regular basis, the manager and I have maintained contact. A few weeks ago, she asked me to speak about my weight-loss and staying motivated for their final meeting.

Although I was very nervous about speaking before a group, I was also very excited to share my experience. I told my story – and got to have my “Biggest Loser” moment when I showed the group the jeans I was wearing when I started my journey – and offered the tips that I shared here last week.

It was a lot of fun. People applauded for me when I told them how much I’d lost and when I showed them my jeans. I wasn’t expecting that, but, I confess, it was really cool.

I even had someone ask me for my autograph. I think she was just trying to find a nice way to ask me to write down a couple of websites I mentioned (Skinny Taste and My Fitness Pal), but it was still kind of cool in a slightly awkward kind of way.

I had a couple of people tell me that they were really inspired, so that’s exciting.

I was going to post some pictures of the event, but Brian took them with my camera phone and they really weren’t very good – all were either blurry or he managed to get me with some crazed expression on my face that I’m not even posting on the Internet.

In other news, we went mountain bike riding again this weekend. We tried the intermediate trail this time. I was a little scared at times, but it was fun – kind of an amusement park ride scared/fun deal. I told Brian that I might not be very good at this, but it does require some degree of skill to stay upright and not run into trees, which I managed to do, so I felt pretty good about the whole thing.

My weight is slightly up this week – about 2 pounds over where I’d like to be on the high end, so I’m working on being consistent with my workouts and watching what I’m eating. I’m hoping that I can buckle down and knock off those last “less-than-ten” pounds this summer. Last summer I managed to get 15 off, so maybe…

What have you been doing to stay fit and active?

Do or do not. There is no try.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekly Fit Check

red apples

It’s hard to believe that it’s Wednesday already. This week is flying by.

I’m excited about next week. On Monday, I’ll be speaking at our local Chick-Fil-A’s Battle of the Bulge meeting. I’ve been asked to come speak about staying motivated to lose weight.

While I’ve been stagnant in my weight-loss for awhile, I have maintained my loss for nearly a year, so I think I can address that topic. Even this week, I stayed about the same, which is pretty exciting to me since my workouts were practically non-existent last week.

Brian took off work and we had so much going on that it was hard to get consistent workouts in. Maintaining on that kind of week is always exciting. It’s also exciting to get back to a routine, which I’ve been doing this week.

In my speech, I’ll be covering my tips for staying motivated, which include:

Stay focused on your reasons. One of the best pieces of advice I learned while losing weight is to stay focused on your reason. The Beck Diet Solution suggests writing all the reasons you want to lose weight on an index card – from the big stuff (to feel more self-confident, to get healthier) to the little stuff (to be able to wear cute lounge pants).

Anytime you’re feeling tempted to give up or give in, you can refer to that list of reasons to remind yourself why you’re working so hard to change your life.

No turning back. As I would lose down into a new clothing size, I would donate all my “fat” clothes, so that I wasn’t able to move back up to that size without making a conscious decision to do so. Gaining weight meant buying new “fat” clothes and who wants to do that?

Find an activity that you enjoy. This was huge for me. If I didn’t thoroughly enjoy running and biking, it would be much harder to make myself do them on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if it’s spin class, kickboxing, cardio-dance or anything else – just find something that you enjoy doing, so you’ll be happy to stick with it.

Find food that you enjoy. I don’t know that I would have been as successful as I’ve been if it weren’t for finding good, healthy foods that my whole family enjoys. The recipes at Skinny Taste have been a huge part of that, along with learning to try new things and prepare foods in healthier ways.

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t marvel at the way my family has completely changed our eating habits. Some of our favorite meals are foods that we never would have considered trying a couple of years ago.

Maintain accountability. Find a friend of family member who will hold you accountable without becoming your diet police (unless you need someone to police your diet, but that usually bugs me). I have told my husband, “Never let me go back.”

After years of watching me struggle with obesity, he takes this task very seriously. He’s good about recognizing when an occasional indulgence is starting to slide down that slippery slope toward bad habit and he’ll call me on it. I appreciate that more than he can know.

Track your food. I am so bad about letting this one slide, but it’s such a good habit because it helps you to maintain a realistic view of how many calories you’re consuming. My Fitness Pal is perfect for this. Now that I’ve got a smartphone and have installed the app, I’m hoping that I’ll be more consistent about tracking my food.

Don’t quit. Even when it gets frustrating, if you just keep doing what you know you should be doing – eating right and staying active – you’ll get past the slumps. The only failure is quitting. Do or do not, there is no try.

Those are my tips. Any suggestions that I might should add?

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Do or do not. There is no try.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekly Fit Check: Um, Okay Then

red apples

Welcome to another Weekly Fit Check! I hope you’ve been having a great week.

It’s been pretty chaotic around here for me for the last week or so. Last Friday, I headed out of town to Sterling, Virginia for the 2:1 Conference.

Before I left, I ran another 5K. It was my second running of th race that was my second 5K last year – the one in which, by some crazy fluke, I placed 3rd in my age group.

3rd Place Medal_thumb[7]

(last year)

Although I ran it a little over 2 minutes faster this year, I came in 7th in my age/gender group. I’m okay with that, though, because I really felt like I ran a good race. It was tough. It was a very challenging, hilly course and I started off too fast, but overall it was a good race.


Then, I got up before the sun on Friday and headed to the airport. I took my workout clothes, but was too busy to workout the entire time I was out of town. The food, overall, was pretty healthy, though I did indulge in some desserts. (Not all of them, though. I only ate three or four bites of cheesecake before pushing it aside. Yay, me!)

Then, there was the nasty pizza that I ate in the Atlanta airport on the way home. I saw the pizza place and that sounded like a quick, easy meal, which was a serious consideration since I had less than an hour layover. I got the veggie pizza, thinking it was probably a healthier option.

It was so not good.

The disappointment that I was wasting a lot of calories on a nasty pizza was compounded by the fact that I discovered a Chili’s on the concourse where I had to wait on my plane. {sigh}

I got in late Sunday night and had a doctor’s appointment Monday afternoon, so I opted to sleep in and try to catch up on some rest instead of working out Monday. I almost didn’t get on the scale Tuesday morning, considering opting for giving myself a week to get back into the swing of things.

Out of morbid curiosity, though, I got on the scale.

I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I saw that I’d lost three pounds from last week! I so do not understand my body sometimes. I’ll take it, though.

Now, it’s back to more controlled, healthy eating and regular workouts. What are you doing to get fit this week?

Do or do not. There is no try.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekly Fit Check: Active Weekend

red apples

Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? This week is flying by – probably because I’ll be heading out of town for The 2:1 Conference on Friday. I’m so excited! I’ve even lined up a couple of people willing it hit the treadmills in the gym with me.

This past weekend was a busy, active one for me. First, I had another 5K on Saturday morning. This annual race was my third (ever) 5K last year. A lot has changed since then.

Last year (when I thought 50-something degrees was weather that required a long-sleeved shirt under a short-sleeved shirt):

2011 Chase

This year (when I knew that 50-something degrees on race morning is tank top weather – and I think I’m kind of working the cute hat, too):


I beat last year’s time by nearly two-and-a-half minutes. Although I still haven’t broken the 30 minute mark, I felt good about this race. I don’t think I could have run it any faster (32:06 – chip time). I felt like I set a good, challenging pace the whole way and I finished much stronger than last year.

After the race, I came home and took a short nap because I didn’t sleep at. all. the night before. Then, we went to breakfast with my oldest, who was the only one home, before dropping her off at home and heading out with this:


Yep, I finally got to take my new mountain bike for my first-ever off-road ride. It was so much fun! It was also a little freaky at times when I felt like I was going to topple off the edge of the hill mountain. By the time we took our second loop around the beginner’s trail, I was feeling a bit more confident and rode a bit faster.

We wound up doing the beginner’s trail twice for a total of a little over 6 miles, then, we rode on the paved path for another 4 or 5 miles.

Can you believe with all that activity, plus my regular workouts that my weight was still up just a teeny bit this week? Ugh! It had to have been my food choices. I splurged a bit Friday night on Brian’s and my date night. Hey, it was the first one we’ve had in ages and the food was so good.

I also splurged a bit for breakfast with my mom and sister Friday morning, but again, yum! It was really worth it as long as I get myself back in check soon. I say “soon” because I’ll be traveling this weekend, so I know I won’t have as much control over my food choices as I normally do.

Like I said earlier, though, I do have a couple of ladies who’ve said they’ll hit the treadmills with me, so maybe the activity will off-set the food choices. And, I won’t be going to my Life Group on Sunday night – the incredible cooks there are killing me with their hard-to-resist meals.

How has your weight-loss effort been going? What choices are you making to enjoy a healthier, fitter lifestyle?

Do or do not. There is no try.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekly Fit Check: Buckling Down!

red apples

Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for another Weekly Fit Check?

If you follow Eclipsed on Facebook, you may already know that I’ve decided that I’m tired of fooling around. I’m tired of acting like I’m trying to get my last 10 pounds off, but not really doing anything about it.

Over the course of my weight-loss journey, I’ve battled complacency a few times. It gets hard when you get so close to your goal weight, because the fact of the matter is, I could be very happy here.

I’ve been within 2 pounds of my current weight since last August. Maintaining has been fairly easy. Because my eating habits have changed so drastically, I can basically eat what I want (the new eating habits way) with some treats and daily exercise thrown in and stay where I am. That’s a good thing.

Except, I feel like I’m not finished.

I set a goal for myself – a reasonable, attainable goal – and I feel like I’m in limbo. And, while I know everyone has problem areas and I should love my body as it is (I do! Especially when I consider where I was a little over two years ago), I can’t help but wonder if my problem areas would be less problematic if I were at my goal weight.

So, I’m ready to buckle down again. The last time I felt such a strong urge to buckle down was at the beginning of last summer. I lost 15 pounds that time, so I’m hopeful about getting rid of the last 10 or so this time.

Hold me accountable! 

In my last Fit Check, I told you that I was hoping I’d be able to report on my first off-road mountain bike experience. I did get a new mountain bike last week, but the weather and my older daughter’s work schedule have conspired against me. She’s my babysitter for things like bike rides and she’s been working.

We did take the bikes and the younger kids out to the park – where there are paved roads – last Saturday, so I did get to at least ride my new bike. I love it! It shifts like a dream and it took a couple of hilly roads like they were nothing. I haven’t gotten to take it off-road yet, though.

Brian and I were going to try to go last night, but it rained. I’m hoping we can go Saturday, but guess what? It’s supposed to rain. *sigh*

I’ll be up early, though, for a 5K, so maybe we can hit the trails before it rains, since it’s not supposed to start until the afternoon. Hopefully I’ll have some photos and tales to tell next week.

So, what about you? What have you been doing to improve your health and fitness this week?

Do or do not. There is no try.