I've noticed that once a person loses a significant amount of weight -- which appears, from my personal experience, to be anything over 40 pounds or so -- people start to ask questions.  As a formerly obese woman, I understand these questions.  I've been where you are.  If I can lose the weight, anybody can, so I'm always happy to answer any questions that I can.

I've tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below.  If you have a question that I haven't answered, feel free to email me.  I'll be happy to answer it, if I can.

How are you losing the weight?  I seriously get where this question comes from, but I discovered that losing weight really is a simple matter of burning more calories than you consume.  My post, What Are you Doing?, answers this question in more detail.

I want to lose weight.  Where should I start?  The best answer to this question is just start where you are.  Get moving.  Trade sugary drinks for water.  Start counting calories to get an idea of where you are, so that you can plot where you want to be.  I've answered this question in detail in my post, Top Ten Tips for Losing Weight.

A body what?  It's a bodybugg.  If you've seen The Biggest Loser, you've probably noticed the contestants wearing their bodybuggs on their upper left arms.  The bodybugg is a device the measures calories burned, activity level and steps walked.  You can then download the information to the bodybugg subscription site and input your calories consumed.  This gives the user an accurate picture of her daily calorie deficit or overage.

That bodybugg is expensive.  Is it worth it?  In my opinion, 100% yes.  You can read my opinion on why in #3 here.

What do you eat?  Well, my absolute favorite thing to eat is my homemade grilled chicken and fruit salad.  I have also made a list of my top ten favorites and you can search my blog for my favorite recipes using the recipe label.  My number one go-to site for great, healthy meals is Gina's Skinny Recipes.  I've never been disappointed with anything I've made from her site.

So, I guess you never eat out, right?  Um, wrong!  We eat out at least twice a week most weeks.  The keys to eating out successfully are being preparing, learning to read menus, and having a few go-to items.  We eat at Chick-Fil-A at least once a week.  I typically have an entree salad or a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad.  Watch the dressing, though!  CFA's dressing packets are actually two servings.  They have a couple of fat-free dressings, but I don't care for them, so I use lots of pepper (seasonings really enhance the flavor of foods) and go easy on the regular dressings.

I've found meals at both Logan's and Chili's that I can eat for under 500 calories and most restaurants now have light menus.  You can also try searching for a restaurant's nutritional information online before going out to eat.  If all else fails, remember:  moderation.  Ask for a to-go box immediately and put half your meal into it.  Yes, you may still be tempted to eat it for lunch tomorrow, but spreading it out over two days is still better than eating it all in one day and still eating whatever else you would have eaten that day.

What do you do for a workout?  I typically walk on the treadmill at least 30 minutes 5 days per week.  I also have a few workout videos that I like and I try to look for excuses to move every day.