Eclipsed is now accepting limited advertising in the form of a 125X125 ad button. Ads for products and services related to health, fitness, weight-loss, workout apparel, running or similar topics will be considered.

Ads for the following products and services will not be considered:
  • Weight-loss pills or supplements
  • Surgical weight-loss methods
  • Diet methods based on anything other than healthy eating and exercise

Post topics on Eclipsed include, but are not limited to:
  • overcoming obesity
  • healthy eating
  • exercise and fitness
  • running
  • active lifestyle
  • the psychological aspect of weight-loss
  • meal-planning and recipes

Advertising offered:
  • 125 X 125 or 150 X 225 graphic button, to be supplied by advertiser
  • ad placed in top right sidebar, parallel with new content
  • Quarterly rates available, prorated for ads placed mid-quarter
  • ads placed on a first come
  • advertising fee to be paid via PayPal at the time the ad is placed

Product and book reviews and giveaways are also available.Please email me if you'd like recieve a full copy of my advertising and review policies and blog stats or to discuss such opportunities on Eclipsed.

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