About Me

The short version:

Christian. Wife. Mom X 3. Home educator. Sweet tea addict. Formerly obese. Runner.

The long version:

I am a wife and mom. I have been married to my super-supportive husband, Brian, since 1991. We share our home in the southeastern United States with our three children, Brianna (May 1995), Josh (December 1999) and Megan (September 2001), along with a menagerie of three dogs, two cats, and two snakes at last count.

I've always struggled with my weight.  I haven't always been fat, but I've always struggled with my weight.  As a teenager, I thought I was fat.  Of course, I'd give my eye-teeth to be that size now, but the struggle was there (what I wouldn't give to see schools offering real health classes about actual health issues and fitness classes in place of the required worthless P.E. classes).

My first real job was for a major health insurance company and employees were offered free membership to the YMCA.  I started going to an aerobics class three days a week and got in really good shape...then, step aerobics came along, which I hated, and I eventually quit going.  I was in pretty good shape when I met my husband, but I was still worried about my weight.  I distinctly remember asking him one night, before we were married, what he'd do if I got fat.  His flippant reply was, "I'd say, 'Hey, babe, put down that Twinkie and let's go for a run.'"

First of all, Twinkies were never my problem (bleck!) and he never did say anything like that until I was really overweight.  It was a couple of years after we married that someone showed me a photo they'd taken of me at an office Christmas party.  I didn't realized I'd gotten so heavy.  At the time, I was 153 pounds, my heaviest weight ever, at that point.

Almost immediately, I resumed my visits to the Y and started eating healthier.  In no time, I was great shape with people commenting on my weight loss and asking how I'd done it.  I was truly in the best shape of my life.  Then, I got pregnant.  Everything, weight-wise, went downhill from there.  While I'd planned to continue working out, with my doctor's okay, morning sickness hit, except it wasn't "morning" sickness; it was 24 hour a day, seven days a week sickness for five weeks.  The only thing I could keep down were milkshakes, so I drank them often.  And, I quit going to the gym.

I never did lose my pregnancy weight...from that pregnancy or the subsequent two.  I did Weight Watchers three or four years ago with some degree of success, but I hit a plateau just shy of 40 pounds lost.  I couldn't seem to get past that hurdle and eventually gave up, ultimately regaining all that weight, then some.

Currently, I have lost 88 pounds since I began losing weight the week of Thanksgiving 2009. I've found my passion where workouts are concerned -- something I never thought I'd like, let alone love: running. I've gone from couch potato to runner. I feel like I need to run as much as I need to breathe.

To say that losing weight and changing your eating habit is life changing is not an exaggeration.  It's been a long time since I've felt as good as I do now, emotionally and physically.  My husband is proud of me, my kids are proud of me, and, quite frankly, I'm proud of myself.  I have more energy than I've had in years.  I plan to keep on keeping on this time.  I will not quit, I will reach my goal weight, and I will never let myself get so out-of-shape again.