Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Fit Check

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Welcome to the mid-week fit check! How are you keeping fit this week?

I’m still maintaining my weight-loss, which is good, I suppose, though I really wouldn’t mind getting those last ten or so pounds off.

I’m happy with my fitness level lately, though. I’ve been very consistent with my strength training and I’ve been getting back to a good consistency with my running. The running is much easier now that the weather is so nice.

My biggest thing right now is biking. For the last few weeks, I’ve really been looking into road biking (racing). However, this weekend, I decided that I’d probably really prefer to get a good mountain bike. That would be something Brian and I could enjoy together, but I could still enjoy the bike on shorter, slower family rides with the kids.

I hope, by my next fit check, I can tell you about my first mountain biking – as in, really off-road on a trail – experience.

I’ve told so many people this, but I really think a big key to successful weight-loss and maintenance is finding physical activity that you truly enjoy. For me, that’s definitely running and biking.

What’s your favorite form of physical activity? What have you been doing for a healthy lifestyle this week?

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  1. I love that you love biking!  Another thing we share in common!  I 100% agree with you about the key to fitness is finding something you love.  For me it is road biking,  I feel lucky that I was able to find something I love so much!  I can't wait to hear about your mountain biking experiences!!!

  2. I guess walking would be mine, kind of boring. Still working on keeping the water intake up and just started Jillian's 6 week six pack.

  3. Mine is walking also. I used to run and I really enjoyed it until I'd hit an imbalance in my body that affected my electrolytes which in turn affected my natural heart rhythm. That's when I discovered the beauty and power of walking. I was so amazed at how effective simple walking is as it relates to loosing weight. Now I have been looking at bikes for a few months bc I do feel that I'd enjoy biking. However I still have a 3 year old whose still using training wheels and so family bike rides, which I am soooo looking forward to, wont be for a while for us.

  4. Don't give up on family bike rides yet. My husband and I were just talking about how we wished we'd done them sooner so that our kids would expect that now, rather than grumbling about going (the older two). Have you seen those bike trailers for little kids, rather than training wheels? Check this out -- I so wish I'd known about something like this a few years ago for my youngest while the older two still enjoyed bike riding. It's a bit expensive, but I think it'd be worth it. I bet it would have a decent resale value, too.

  5. Kris ~ My name is Marcela (believer in Christ, happy wife and at home mother of 4 kids).  I stumbled to your blog and just had to introduce myself and tell you that it's a great blog and very inspiring!  After 4 kids I have 40 pounds to shed along with a bad habit of quitting after it feels overwhelming, frustrating and like forced labor.  Your pictures are very inspiring, your words even more so!  Copngratulations on staying committed and working hard to get to where you are!  You look great and a lot younger I might add!  So after reading your story I had to change my schedule for today to accomplish my errands and then pump the tires on my bike, attach my toddler's trailer and go for a bike is afterall a beautiful day today where I live!  God bless your work as you inspire others through each post!

  6. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Marcela! These sorts of comments put a big smile on my face. Congratulations for making a commitment to yourself and your health by getting out and getting moving! Best wishes on your own weight-loss journey.


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