Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekly Fit Check: Buckling Down!

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Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for another Weekly Fit Check?

If you follow Eclipsed on Facebook, you may already know that I’ve decided that I’m tired of fooling around. I’m tired of acting like I’m trying to get my last 10 pounds off, but not really doing anything about it.

Over the course of my weight-loss journey, I’ve battled complacency a few times. It gets hard when you get so close to your goal weight, because the fact of the matter is, I could be very happy here.

I’ve been within 2 pounds of my current weight since last August. Maintaining has been fairly easy. Because my eating habits have changed so drastically, I can basically eat what I want (the new eating habits way) with some treats and daily exercise thrown in and stay where I am. That’s a good thing.

Except, I feel like I’m not finished.

I set a goal for myself – a reasonable, attainable goal – and I feel like I’m in limbo. And, while I know everyone has problem areas and I should love my body as it is (I do! Especially when I consider where I was a little over two years ago), I can’t help but wonder if my problem areas would be less problematic if I were at my goal weight.

So, I’m ready to buckle down again. The last time I felt such a strong urge to buckle down was at the beginning of last summer. I lost 15 pounds that time, so I’m hopeful about getting rid of the last 10 or so this time.

Hold me accountable! 

In my last Fit Check, I told you that I was hoping I’d be able to report on my first off-road mountain bike experience. I did get a new mountain bike last week, but the weather and my older daughter’s work schedule have conspired against me. She’s my babysitter for things like bike rides and she’s been working.

We did take the bikes and the younger kids out to the park – where there are paved roads – last Saturday, so I did get to at least ride my new bike. I love it! It shifts like a dream and it took a couple of hilly roads like they were nothing. I haven’t gotten to take it off-road yet, though.

Brian and I were going to try to go last night, but it rained. I’m hoping we can go Saturday, but guess what? It’s supposed to rain. *sigh*

I’ll be up early, though, for a 5K, so maybe we can hit the trails before it rains, since it’s not supposed to start until the afternoon. Hopefully I’ll have some photos and tales to tell next week.

So, what about you? What have you been doing to improve your health and fitness this week?

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. We must be the same person!  I could have written this post.  You explained perfectly how I feel about it.  I could be happy "here", but I don't feel finished.  I want to get serious- I just struggle to stay serious.  I am so mad at myself for some of the choices I have made recently.  I have TONS of excuses why- but the truth is- I just didn't care.  I have quit on myself for the past week.  It is showing on the scale.  I have also quit on myself with exercise.  It is showing on my body.  I want to get serious and stay serious.  Any ideas to help me?  

  2. I have changed some eating habits 1)I have Cream of Wheat for breakfast every morning (right now) instead of grabbing a cookie 2) My lunch is planned - Tomato Soup, a wedge of skinny cow cheese and a few crackers, veggies and dip (yes, the same thing every day because I love it, it keeps me full, eventually I'll add differant things) 3) Limiting/changing snacks at night - no more huge bowls of Rocky Road Ice cream at night - popcorn or skinny cow ice cream sandwiches or  . . .. wait for it . . . . nothing :-)

  3. Nothing?? Surely you jest! ;-) I can so relate. I have to work really hard to talk myself out of late-night snacking sometimes. I hear you on eating the same thing for lunch. I have a rotation now -- the same things, but a few of them so not the same every day -- but there for awhile I had a grilled chicken salad with lots of fruites and veggies just about every day.
    Great changes!

  4. Are you sure we're not long-lost twins separated at birth? I mean, really, our birthdays are really close. Maybe I'm a couple of months older than I've been told. ;-)

    We have so much in common. That comment you made about having trouble staying serious? Yes, that! I have still been working out, but it's been the bare minimum most of the time. I honestly think my tummy is flabbier than it was a year or so ago because of that. I don't know. We need to brainstorm how to stay focused and serious.

    I really wish I'd done the Biggest Loser thing of making a video from fat me to skinny me before I started. I watched BL last night (just because I had to see what all the drama was about) and those videos made me boo-hoo. It's very powerful to see that raw emotion related to being obese from when the person was still obese and just dreaming of being healthy. One of the girls said to herself (in the video when she was still 260 pounds), "I'm dreaming of you."

    I remember when fat me was still dreaming of current me. I never thought I'd be here. I don't want to throw it away. I don't want to gain because I've gotten lazy. I don't want to quit at the one yard line. I want to finish strong. I've thought about putting up some photos of fat me around the house (in the bathroom, on the fridge, in the workout room) with messages to skinny (or, you know, only-slightly-overweight) me.

    I don't know. Do you have any ideas? The plus side is, we *are* maintaing
    and we *are* so much healthier than we were, so it doesn't need to be some
    major guilt trip of slamming ourselves because we've done great. We just
    need to stay focused and motivated so those old habits don't start to creep
    back in.

  5. Hi there!  We've been out of town for the past few weeks while my husband worked in the Apalachicola area of FL.  I somehow managed to come home 1 lb lighter, which I'll take, considering what, how, & when we ate.  Still working on listening to hunger signals...that was going really well until hormones hit.  Trying to figure out exactly what to do when I want to eat & I'm not actually hungry...

    Also trying to find ways to move my body that I actually far dancing around with the kids is my fav.  They're 2, 6, & 7, so it isn't too embarrassing and actually fun for all of us.  :)

    Rooting for you this week on your goals!!!  :)


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