Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekly Fit Check

red apples

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re taking steps to improve your health this week!

It’s been a pretty good week here. I’m up a bit, according to the scale, but I’m not even worrying about it this week. I have one word for you: bloating.

Yikes! How a body can retain so much water is a 24 hour time period is beyond me. I went through three pairs of jeans trying to find a pair that I could button on Sunday…and the two rejected pair fit fine just a day or two before.

Stupid hormones!

So, that’s why I’m not even concerning myself with the fickle scale this week.

I enjoyed biking with Brian and Megan this past weekend – though Megan did do more than her fair share of complaining, which really surprised me since she had so much fun the last time we went. It was a new bike, though, so I think it took a little getting used to.

I had a great run on Monday! The weather was gorgeous and I got to run in compression shorts (as opposed to Capris) and a short sleeved shirt – no base layer, no gloves, no hat to keep my head warm. It was wonderful.

I was going to run a slower 5 miles, but the weather was so great, that I wanted to run, so I opted for a fast 3.5 miles. It felt to good to run. The weather is supposed to be just as nice this weekend for my first 5K race of the season. I can’t wait!

What have you been doing to keep fit this week?

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. Hi Kris, I've been following your weight loss with interest for a while now.  I can't believe how well you've done!  I find it so hard!  Please can I join you in this journey?  Maybe some of your success will rub off onto me??

  2. I have managed to do some form of exercise every day for a week now :)  Not so much to lose weight....but I really need to get my cholesterol down and also increase heart strength.  

  3. Good for you for ignoring the's not the truth and it will go away.  I was actually down 3.5 lbs this week after a few sensible changes.  I took inspiration from your post last week and spent obscene amounts of $ in the produce section.  ;)  My surprising fav was roasting cut up rutabaga and butternut squash.  Especially the rutabaga!  I didn't know I liked it, really.  I did put a pat of butter in it, maybe that helped.  :)

    For the first time in, oh maybe ever, I have been really thinking that maybe I DO eat when I'm not hungry and trying to figure out why and what to do instead.  Sounds like a no brainer, right?!  Baby steps.  Ha ha.

    The kids also added a little bit of swimming this week, since the FL weather warmed up enough for them.  Not for me, yet, but almost!  Have a great week!  :)

  4. I'm loving this warmer weather too. It has given me the opportunity to add walking to my exercise routine. 
    It's good to see that you can recognize the number on the scale is not necessarily the deciding factor on how your doing. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  5. That's great, Faith! Consistency = results.

  6. Great job on the weight loss! That's exciting!

    I've never tried rutabaga. I'll have to put it on my list of things to try.

  7. Yes, the warmer weather definitely helps encourage a more active lifestyle. I love it!


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