Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekly Fit Check: The One with the PR

red apples

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great, healthy, active week!

I’ve had a good week. My weight still isn’t quite where I’d like it to be, but I know I’m making good, healthy choices with my eating habits and activity level, so I’ll get there.

I read an interesting quote in the April edition of Runner’s World magazine a couple of days ago. It said, “Trying to stay at your lowest weight is like trying to stay at your peak fitness year round.”

I don’t feel like I’m reached my lowest weight yet, but I’m much closer than I’ve been in a long, long time…and I think I’m at a good weight for me (well, close – I think 130-132 is a good range for me and I’m currently sitting at just over 133), so I’m not going to beat myself up. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m not going to keep working to get down to my goal weight.

On the fitness front, I feel like I had a really good week last week. In addition to my regular workouts, I ran my first 5K of the season last week. While I didn’t quite make my goal of breaking 30 minutes for a 5K, I did PR (set a personal record) and I came in 3rd in my age/gender group!

I was very pleased with my results and I wasn’t ridiculously far from breaking 30 minutes. I finished with a gun time of 30:57. Not bad,not bad at all. I wish I had some photos to share, but my personal photographer husband couldn’t go to the race this time.

After running my 5K, Brian and I went on a 15 mile bike ride. It was a gorgeous, incredible day for riding. I would have loved to have ridden farther. Maybe next time.

I’ve added strength training back into my workout schedule. I’d tried to pick it back up before my last half-marathon, but that didn’t go so well. Now, though, I don’t plan on running anything longer than a 10 or 15K until the fall, so strength training is back in.

Additionally, I’m making a concerted effort to diligently track my food again, starting this week. I feel really good about my eating habits, so far. I almost always eat better when I’m writing down what I eat. There’s a certain level of accountability.

This week I’ve had:


Breakfast: 1T natural peanut butter on whole wheat toast, banana

Lunch: Salad with artisan lettuce, grapes, strawberries, apples (I love fruit on a salad!), avocado, walnuts, pepperoncini, sunflower kernels, and my light Italian dressing. Sweet tea.

Dinner: Broiled salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, and roasted broccoli and red pepper. Sweet tea.

Dessert: Pudding cake (Not at all healthy…my one treat for the day.)


Breakfast: 1/2 c cottage cheese, orange

Lunch: Pasta bowl, sweet tea

Dinner: Grilled chicken, grilled corn-on-the-cob, macaroni salad, steamed green beans, and sweet tea.

Dessert: Pudding cake (Somebody – besides me – really needs to finish that stuff off!)

I’m excited about my strength training the rest of the week. We got some new-to-us weight equipment at a great deal from a friend of Brian’s. It will make it much easier to do squats with a bar and to work on quads and glutes.

Even Josh is excited about it – which excites me! He asked me on Monday night to wake him up when I got up to workout. When I told him it was a running day, he asked me to wake him up anyway and he’d workout by himself.

He didn’t like my reply that I’m not crazy about him working out with free weights if there isn’t someone in the room…so he worked out when Brian got home. I love it!

What about you? What are you doing to be fit and active this week?

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. It seems like you have a much better attitude about the number on the scale.  I think maybe we put too much stress on ourselves to cross the finish line?!?  You sound so much happier and relaxed- and things are going in the right direction!!
    Both of your menus look very similar to the way I eat! 

  2. I like the way you put that...crossing the finish line. When I run a race, I know that I may not make the time goal that I set for myself, but I *will* finish. Run, walk, crawl...finish. I've seen that on a Bondi Band and I love it. You saying that has helped me see that my weight-loss is no different. It may not happen in the time frame I'd like to see it happen, but it will happen, as long as I don't quit. Thanks!

    And, yes, very happy, relaxed, and enjoying where I am right now.

  3. Congrats on a great run!  And on running at all.  :)  I had a loss this week of 2 lbs, which was very exciting.  I'm not on my last few lbs though, so it's not as hard to move the scale.  ;)  This week I focused on eating when I was truly hungry so I could tell (and stop) when I was truly pleasantly full.  Sounds pretty basic, right?  I am where I am.  ha ha.

    We also enjoyed the outdoors & kept the fruits & veggies coming.  Those little changes add up.  I totally agree about the scale.  It's great to see you enjoying life now and not waiting for those last few lbs to go before you do.  They'll go!

    Have a great week!

  4. That may be basic, but it's a very important skill that many people haven't mastered. Great job on the weight loss!

  5. It's such a great thing to see your own kids make good choices because of your example. What a grace from God!
    I have been taking advantage of the unusually warm weather and taking some walks and bike rides around our neighborhood. Looking forward to starting a couch to 5K soon!

  6. Yes, it's really exciting seeing the kids starting to get more active and making good food choices. They ask for snacks all the time, but most of the time their snacks are fruits and veggies. That makes me feel good.

    Good luck on the Couch to 5K! I think you'll really enjoy it.

  7. Hi, I'm down by 1/2 a pound.  I like the variety in your menu.  I have porridge every. single. day.  Fortunately I love porridge, as do my children, so it's not too much of a problem.
    This week I want to focus on writing down what I eat.  So much slips by if I don't!  Thanks for this blog it's very inspiring!

  8. Way to go on your weight-loss, Claire! And, thanks for the words of encouragement.

  9. I've never been obese...I think...but I have been overweight. For the first time, after I had my second child, I found out what being overweight is. Three years after her birth, I lost 25 pounds only to gain back 11 of them over this past winter. I am now in the throws of loosing those 11 and keeping the weight off for good. I'd made my mind up to get the weight off but had thoughts of keeping it off. I was of the mindset that since I'd never had a weight problem before this must just be baby weight and once I lose it, I will go back to my normal self and not have to worry about weight again. WRONG! Lol. I'm excited though, I know how to get it off and how to keep it off and now the power is in the doing. I've lost two pounds of the 11 so far (i should not have weighed in this early but I saw a really old, really big scale and I just had to step on it) so I have 9 pounds to go to get back to where I was before winter and my deception kicked in. You're a great blogger Kris!!

  10. Hope my comment was just lost it was long. :)


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