Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In: The Last One

Welcome to the first Weekly Weigh-In of 2012! Of course, if you read the title, you know that it’s the last one.

Yeah, okay, not really. It’s not the last one ever or anything. It is, however, the last one for a while in which I’ll record a gain.

Yep, I had another gain. *sigh* One pound, exactly. I was a bit disappointed since I’d weighed a couple of time last week and was actually down.

I can’t say that I was blindsided, though. My workouts were a bit off last week because I was fighting off a cold and not feeling quite up to par. I did manage to fight it off, though. Aside from a couple of days of feeling achy and drained, I never did really get sick. I totally attribute that to a healthier lifestyle.

My eating habits were a still a bit out of whack, too, and included a New Year’s Eve party in which I overindulged.

That’s all behind me now, though. I started this week off with a 4-mile run and did another one yesterday. I’ve also gotten my eating back on track and threw out the remainder of the overly tempting junk food. I’ve even been tracking my food again.

All that combines to create a feeling of confidence that I will be back in the losing mode by next week’s weigh-in. There’s just something about exercising that makes you want to eat better. And, there’s something about eating better that makes you want to exercise. It’s a great cycle to be in!

So, what about you? How did the scale treat you this week? Are you back on track after the holidays?

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. Thank you for this blog! I discovered your blog around Thanksgiving, and you are such an inspiration. I'm down about 8 lbs since then. I've been walking outdoors, and today I did some running on the treadmill. You reminded me how much I liked running. Good luck with the rest of your journey & thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Sometimes I think that we can exercise a lot and gain on the scale anyway. I know that happens to me sometimes. I think maybe it's muscle building and sometimes records a gain on the scale. But, remember muscle burns more calories than fat and flab, so one day those muscles will be to your benefit. I have a friend who is all about exercise, she rarely gets on the scale. Instead, she uses her clothes as a guide. So proud of you and have enjoyed following your journey!

  3. You scared me with your title! LOL!  I like your attitude about it being the last weigh in with a gain.  I did well over the holidays.  I actually had a loss for the first time over the holidays.   I better keep my game on!!!  We will do this!  I can feel it!
    I agree about the cycle of eating and exercise.  It brings on a feeling of control for me that I crave and love!

  4. OMG!  When I read the title I thought "What!  She isn't going to share anymore." : (  I was sad.  But then I read really fast and found out you were still doing it....don't do that to me!! lol.

    The good thing is you know where you went wrong and how to fix it.  Sounds like you are back on track.  I love how a gain does not discourage you to the point of wanting to quit.  I wish I could say the same thing.

    Happy New Year!!!  This IS going to be my year to get healthy...and the weight loss will follow.

  5. LOL I was wondering how many people the title would freak out -- and how many people even read the title. Sorry! ;-)

    Nope, gains don't make me want to quit anymore. Maybe at one time, but this time I know I'm going to reach my goal. Period. You can do it, too! Make this year YOUR year!

  6. Sorry to scare you. ;-) Yep, you'd better keep your game on because I'm ready to do this thing! Congrats on losing during the holidays. That's awesome!

  7. Yes, that's true...but I know this wasn't a matter of muscle gain. It was poor eating habits and less activity, pure and simple. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. BWHAHAHAHA!! I figured you had made it to your goal wait and were done with it! 

    I lost 1.6 pounds this week! ::fist pump::

  9. Wait? WEIGHT. ::sigh:: I'm really smarter than that. I swear it.

  10. I didn't even notice. Really. That either means I'm way too busy or I just get you. ;-)

  11. I was freaking out! I thought, what?? She can't do that, I just recently found her! Haha. I was so afraid that after two gains, you didn't want to weigh in for a while, in fear of having to show the world another gain. I've done that before. I was going to throw you some encouragement, but I see I don't need to! :)

    I was fortunate to have a hold this week. I really should have gained. I didn't exercise nearly enough, and I ate horribly. I think the fact that I did show portion control, and didn't overindulge is the only thing that saved me from the same fate as you this week. Like you, however, I got up and did a 4 mile Leslie Sansone walking workout first thing. I feel empowered, and ready to move on, back to my normal loss numbers each week!

    It truly is such a mental thing, isn't it? Half way through the week, I was ready to give in and hide my head in the whole box of donuts. But I decided I needed to quit focusing on how the last two weeks threw me off my birthday goal, and focus on the fact that I've lost 33 pounds, and feel SO great! I'm 190 pounds, and I haven't been there in 3-4 years, so I'm happy about that, and happy that I'm not gaining it all back like I have always done in the past. I've held my weight loss and lost even more for the past 6 months, and I'm chosing to celebrate that, instead of getting caught up in where I had hoped to be at this point! I walked right past the donuts on my counter this morning, and over to the bananas! Go ME!! lol

    And go YOU!! Caint wait to hear how you do next week! :)

  12. What an encouraging comment, Kristina!! I love that you are focusin on how far you've come instead of where you'd hoped to be by a certain point. It's so easy to get caught up in stressing over unmet goals (goals that may have been unrealistic to begin with...I know mine often are) instead of focusing on the steady progress we're making, both mentally and physically.

    You may have felt that you didn't need to throw me any encouragment today, but you did anyway, just by sharing your own thought process. Way to go!!

  13. Awww...thanks, Kris! <3 Yes, I knew that my 30x30 goal was going to be hard to reach. I had already lost 17 pounds and was told by my doctor not to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week. So I was already pushing it since I needed to lose 2.2 a week to make the goal. I made it every week though, for 6 weeks! I think that's what made it so hard, was being the first time I "failed." Excited for the next 5 weeks though!

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