Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: Creeping Along

It’s time for another Weekly Weigh-In. I know at this time of year, oftentimes the last thing we want to look at is the scale and, honestly, no one will begrudge you taking a week or so off. For myself, though, I need to know how I’m doing, good or bad.

Last week was a struggle for me. I’m not usually tempted by sweets, but last week I had a crazy sweet tooth and, unfortunately, sweets were available.

Yes, you read that right. I’m not always a paragon of self-control.

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen this picture last week:

Scale 12.15.11

In case you can’t read the numbers, that’s 129.4. It actually said 129.0 before I went to get the camera. I can’t even tell you the last time I saw the 120’s on the scale. I didn’t even get that low the time I lost weight before I got pregnant with my daughter. The last time I was in the 120’s was probably sometime before my 2nd wedding anniversary and I’ve been married for 20 years.

Now, I knew better than to expect to see that on the scale yesterday and not even because of my eating last week, but just because my weight seems to like to dip mid-week, tempting me, but never being quite that low on actual weigh-in day. I still like seeing those low numbers, though, because that usually means that seeing them on my official weigh-in day is right around the corner.

I was right – I didn’t see 129, but I didn’t see the gain I was worried about either. I actually lost a teeny bit – 0.4 lbs. Hey, I’ll take a teeny loss over a gain any day! And, 130.4 looks a lot better than 220.

In other milestone news, I got a new driver’s license last week. I was going to wait until I was actually at my goal weight, but I had to take my daughter to get her learner’s permit, so I decided that waiting on less than 6 more pounds wasn’t worth another trip to and wait at the DMV…and I was really tired of looking at “obese me” every time I pulled out my driver’s license.

So, I got my new license with a picture that looks much more like me. I went ahead and put my goal weight on it, too. I figured that was closer to my actual weight that what was on my driver’s license and I could continue to work to make it accurate.

It’s so cool to actually, finally, be at this place where I never thought I’d be again.

So, what about you? How did your weigh-in go this week?

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. Congrats on the loss.  We really are in sync.  I was down .4 as well this week.  You said it.... creeping along.  I must say I feel less frustrated with the 'creeping"  right now.  Probably because it is going in the right direction.  This next week or 2 is going to be tough for me.  We have family coming for 5 days and then we are traveling.... so my resolve will be put to the test.  Your blog and our competition continue to be big reasons why I continue to stay motivated, focused and inspired!  THANK YOU!!!

  2. Yes Ma'am, any weight loss is better than a gain...especially after how much you've lost already!!! Thankful your sweet tooth loss didn't get you down! I too, was down quite a bit mid week. In fact, I had already surpassed what I'm supposed to lose in a week, so I upped my calories for the remaining days. I hope I didn't up them too much. I'll do the final weight in tomorrow, and see how I came out! I've been down to the 180's three times this week, really hopping I return to that 189 tomorrow!!! :) Way to keep it up, Kris! :)

  3. Good luck on seeing the 180's on your official weigh-in day!

  4. I'll be fine with creeping the next few days, too. There will be several family dinners and I plan to enjoy them while trying not to go totally overboard. I know things will get back to normal after that, so I'm not going to stress it. And, thank YOU! You're helping me stay focused and motivated, too...well, except for the other day when I ate that last sticky bun and thought, "Competition? What competition??" lol

  5. GO YOU!! If the DMV didn't question my 30-50 lb fib, I'm fairly certain they don't care about your 6 lb one. LOL.

    I'm up by .2 pounds this week. Considering how stinkin' hard this week has been, I'm totally good with that. I was honestly expecting it to be up by a pound or more, partly because we had gone to a movie yesterday and I had some of the (very salty!) popcorn.

  6. Yeah, the weight that was on my DL was a fib of about 30 or more pounds from the last time. ;-)

    Hopefully after this week, we can all settle back into a more normal eating and activity routine and not have to struggle so much.

  7. Kris...I love both of your blogs and I want to ask this question:  How did you start your running program?  I am not nor ever have been a good runner...but would love to learn.  How do you go from couch potato to runner? :)

  8. Thanks, Jeanette! Here's a post I wrote on that very subject a while back: Hope it helps!

  9. I was sure I had it, but my parents didn't get in until 2 o'clock Thursday morning, and of course, I had to stay up. I couldn't sleep knowing they were on the way. So, I think the lack of sleep affected me, because I only made it to 190.4. Still a 2.2 pound loss though, and that's my goal every week. As I commented just a minute ago, I probably still won't see those 180's tomorrow either, so I better hit the ground running for the next 7 days! lol!


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