Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-or-Treat with Fit Stanley and Who’s Next?

Fit Stanley and I got up bright and early yesterday (hey, it was before 9:15) for a quick ride on the spin bike while watching Friends (the episode where Ross and Emily get married, just in case you’re curious). We started the morning off with – what else? – Kashi cereal. I’m thinking about having something different today.


I’m thinking maybe some oatmeal with walnuts and raisins or apples. That’d be a good pre-run meal.

Brian and the kids went out with his parents for Chinese for lunch. I don’t care a whole lot for Chinese, but even less on the day before a weigh-in, so Fit Stanley and I hung out at the house and had an especially good pasta bowl. Yum!

Of course, it was Halloween, so we had to work on a costume for Fit Stanley. Scarecrow anyone?


Before setting off for trick-or-treating (which is a decent little workout in our hilly neighborhood), we had a healthy and very tasty dinner.


It was the turkey stuffed peppers recipe that Hannah made on The Biggest Loser a couple of weeks ago, along with a side of spinach-cheese quinoa and roasted broccoli. It was really delicious! I was not sad that there was enough left for my lunch today.

After dinner, we got ready and headed out to trick-or-treat with pirate-girl Megan, the only one who wanted to go this year.


She got nearly 4 pounds of candy! She shared some with Mom and Dad – payment for us walking around with her. {grin} I love Halloween candy! The miniature sizes are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth without going overboard.

I took the handful that I was given and stashed it in the deli drawer in the fridge. I won’t allow myself more than one or two pieces a day, but I may not even eat that. I had some candy in there that lasted about six months until I finally let Josh eat it.

Okay, but, yeah, this candy probably won’t last that long. It’s a couple of Almond Joy bars (yum!), a peppermint patty, a miniature dark chocolate bar, a Butterfinger (another favorite) and some Whoppers.

Are you able to keep a little stash of candy on hand for those moments when you really want it or is that too much temptation for you?

Fit Stanley has been here for a week now, so it’s probably about time for me to send him along his way. Would you like to host a visit? Leave me a comment telling me why you’d like to host Fit Stanley and what you’d plan for his visit. I’ll choose who to send him to next by Friday or so.

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. I was thinking about inviting Fit Stanley for a visit.  How long can he stay?  I have a boring week and then things pick up.  So I was wondering if he can stay longer than a week so he can go to a Clemson football game and then if he is happy with us we are going to California for Thanksgiving.  Are there rules for how long he gets to stay? :)

  2. If there are no takers, I could host Fit Stanley for a week. I need a workout buddy!

  3. I don't know if there are any rules. I was thinking I'd like to keep him until my half marathon, but that's more than a week away still, so I figured that was too long. It would be a couple of days before I'd get him out, though, and then there would be travel time, so that might be about right for you.

  4. Well... since you have had no takers- maybe you can keep him until your marathon.  Then he can come visit me!

  5. True. I could send him along with some smack talk...or, you know, a list of my likes and dislikes. LOL

  6. OR you could send him along with my care package! :)

  7. Well, that will be kind of difficult to do since YOU'RE going to be sending ME a care package. ;-) I'm running 12 miles tomorrow. The whole time I'm running, I'm going to be envisioning me catching up to you. lol

  8. I'd love to host Fit Stanley as I prepare for my half marathon!  He would keep me motivated!


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