Monday, October 10, 2011

Just Some Stuff

I very distinctly remember this dream I had a few years ago. I was a police officer (no idea where that came from) and I was in this convenience store that was being robbed.

Right in the middle of the dream, I realized that I was fat and I thought to myself, “Hey, this is my dream. I don’t have to be fat.”

And, just like that, I just magically shrunk down to my ideal size. While it certainly hasn’t been easy, I never really dreamed, nearly two years ago, that I’d be as close as I am now. The idea of losing so much weight seemed as far-fetched as that dream.

Yet, here I am, closer than I ever thought I’d be. Sometimes I still spend too much time focusing on my fat thighs (where I’ve always carried my weight) or my pudgy belly (the easiest for me to ignore…after all, I have given birth the three children).

But then I have to give myself a mental shake and realize what I’ve accomplished.

I’ve gone from this:

Kris - Before

…to this:

self-portrait 2011

Wow. That’s something to be proud of…but I’m not done yet. And, sometimes I get lazy. Sometimes, I eat things I shouldn’t and miss a workout or two. That’s when I need somebody to kick my butt back into gear.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who needs that. Jill, from Just Jill, is really, really close to her goal weight, too. On last week’s Weekly Weigh-In, she suggested a friendly competition. I must be more competitive than I like to think I am because that excited me!

Now, I’ll confess, I probably gave her a little bit of a head start based on the way I ate this weekend, but I’m ready to hit the ground running today. After all the progress I’ve made, I’m not going to let one weekend derail my efforts.

So, let the smack talk begin! The loser has to send the winner a congratulatory care package. Start shopping, Jill! (Okay, Jill, I should have warned you: I do this to my kids, too. We smack talk each other mercilessly during board games. It’s all in fun and I’m totally kidding.)

Seriously, though, go cheer Jill on, too. That girl has lost some serious weight and is such an encouragement. Our goal in this competition is really just to cheer each other on and have some accountability..and to get that last stubborn 10 pounds off.

Let’s do this thing!

Do or do not. There is no try.



  1. The smack talk is on!!!  :)

  2. *snort* Girl, I already told you, I weighed my cereal today. It's on! ;-) Of course, this week's weigh-in may not reflect that it's on, but as of today, it definitely is. I'm so glad you suggested this! I think it's going to be just the push I need to quit fooling around and get this thing done.

  3. You are AWESOME!!!! You look so good. I really want to look like you in jeans someday. I'm coming from Jills blog, so I have to hope she wins... but I'll be rooting for you too. I hope you get those last few pounds off for good!!!
    You can do it!!

  4. Thanks so much...for visiting and for leaving such an encouraging comment. And, hey, Jill and I have agreed that a tie would be acceptable. ;-) I wouldn't be upset if we both hit our goal on the same week.

  5. Oh, a tie is great! Then do you both send the package out to the other? That's what I was hoping was possible... I'm voting for a tie!

  6. Either that or we'll just buy ourselves our own goody packages. We should probably send each other something. Sometimes it's hard to splurge on yourself...on the other hand, sometimes I have no difficulty at all! lol I think a tie would be great, too. Win-win!

  7. I just bumped into this from your "Weird, Unsocialized..." blog (which is my new "go-to" page!), so I am used to seeing you at your "thin".  I was fascinated with the talk of past obesity, so in my search for your story, I came upon this entry first.  YOU LOOK AMAZING~!  It IS a journey.  Forever. (I have a weight loss story too!) I am so incredibly impressed with you and your attitude with homeschooling and personal goals.  Thank you for sharing everything.  You make me laugh and look forward to seeing what you will write next.  Sometimes I feel so alone in this craziness, and friends questioning my homeschooling (I am a certified teacher, for goodness sake! And my kids are SO way socialized!) doesn't help the doubts that creep up in my mind when my kids argue and I am so tired I can't think about dinner even though I made a pre-planned menu. Chocolate often creeps in during times like that... 

  8. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. I'm so used to so many people only knowing me as obese. It's fun now, finding people who only know me as...I hesitate to use the word thin because I don't feel thin yet, but normal-sized, at least. I've started running into the dilemma of do I want to share my story because I'm proud of my progress and I hope to inspire others to make the change that I didn't think I could make or do I just want to enjoy being the new me that people know. So far, though, I generally opt for telling my story.

    At any rate, thank you for commenting. It was a great encouragement to me.


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