Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekly Weight-In: A First

It’s Weekly Weigh-In time. Are you ready?

Me? Not so much. I really thought about taking the 5th this week, then, I decided that I’ve been open and honest with y’all – and, thereby, myself – this whole journey, so there’s no sense changing that now.

So this week was a first for me…and not in a good way. For the first time since I began my weight-loss journey, I started this month heavier than I started last month.

That means that not only did I stagnate last month, but I gained. My weigh-in this week was 136, four pounds heavier than I started last month.

Yes, I’m disappointed. I started to use the word disgusted, but I didn’t like that word. Disgusted gives the impression of self-loathing and complete repulsion. Those feelings were for when I was morbidly obese. They’re not for now when I’m so close to my goal weight – when I’m at a weight I seriously never thought I’d see again.

I’m disappointed. I hate that I wasted time that I could have been using to get closer to my goal weight. However, at this stage in the game, I know stuff like this happens. I haven’t failed; I’ve had a set-back. It’s not a failure unless I quit.

Quitting is not an option.

I think that my gain this week is a result of three things:

  • Vacation indulgence catching up a bit on vacation, which I don’t feel bad about at all
  • Pushing the envelope on my eating last week, which I don’t feel too good about
  • Slacking off on my workout routine a bit

And, of course, there was the whole attempt at eating more intuitively and not tracking my food like I should. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know…but I so want to be able to do that. Obviously, however, I’m not going to be able to until I’ve reached my goal weight and worked on maintaining for awhile.

So, I’m back to tracking calories. I’m back to working out more intensely. And, I’m keeping a closer eye on my snacking.

From the Made to Crave webcast, “A set-back is just a set-up for a come-back.”

I’ll tell you this right now: I will report a loss next week and I will be closer to my goal weight at the start of next month, not farther away.

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. Bummer about that "first", but it sounds like you have a good perspective on it.  Here's to next month!

    I was even this week, no gain, no loss.  Last week was pretty nutty, so I'll take it.  It was last Wednesday afternoon that I was diagnosed with strep throat, and spent most of Thursday in bed.  Miserable.  Friday I got my braces put on, and am still not eating normally, which is making food choices more challenging.  Milk shakes and mashed potatoes are much more appealing than a baked sweet potato and applesauce when your  mouth hurts!!  I should have done this braces thing as a teenager like everyone else, when I was more resilient. LOL  And then we had that lovely tropical storm Friday through Sunday, keeping me from the Y and from running (we're in NOLA).  I did do a Jillian video, but not as much or as often as usual. 

    Frankly, with all of the above, I'm thrilled I didn't have a gain.  I'm going to post a loss next week, too!  Game on! 

  2. I know you are disappointed.  It would be weird if you were not.  What I think is so great is your attitude about it.  You are using it as a learning experience to see what works and what does not work for you.  I know I tell Molly (my daughter)  often that mistakes are necessary in life to learn from and guide us in the future.  Sometimes it is hard to take that advice- but I do believe it.  I admire and am inspired by your determination and love your strong statement about reporting a loss next week! 

  3. Thanks, Jill. You're right. So much of this whole process is a learning experience. There is a lot of trial and error. I'm at the point where, coming from 220 lbs., I'm not going to sit here at 136 or 132 or whatever and be digusted with myself. I'm going to look at it all as learning what works and what doesn't for me for the long term. Thanks so much for your support!

  4. It sounds like you've had your fair share of challenges this week, Erin. I'm with you -- maintaining with all that going on sounds like a win to me! Strep throat and braces? I think I'd be indulging in a milkshake or two myself. Here's to a better week next week!

  5. Well, I hate that, but you're right. It's only a failure if you make it one. And I love that quote!

    I am 1 pound down this week for a total of 44.6 pounds. I've set a mini-goal of 50 pounds down by October 6. Based on my previous weight loss, it is ambitious, but it always helps to have a goal!

  6. You are doing great and good for you for not giving up and taking this in stride.  I am grateful for your posts and encouragement.  You helped motivate me to start at and I have been more consistent recently plus adding workouts too. Slowly, I am down 6 pounds.  I appreciate the motivation so keep at it!  You look great!

  7. Great job on being down 6 lbs.! That's wonderful!

  8. I can seriously hear the grit and determination in your "voice" just reading this. I have no doubt you will accomplish your goal for next month. I just love, love, love your perspective. It's NOT failure-it was an opportunity to learn and grow and you did that and discovered new things about your journey in the process. You continue to inspire me!

  9. Thank you for being so honest.
    I was doing WW myself and was doing ok with it.  Then back in July I decided to kick it up a notch.  I worked my butt off that week.  According to my scale I lost 4 pounds.  When I went to WW their scale only said 0.8.  0.8!!  I felt horrible.  It burst my bubble.  I haven't been able to WW since. And I gain 4 pounds back.  Ugh.

    I went back to WW this morning.  I got a great pep talk from 2 of the ladies who work there.  It helped.

    Now I could easily let all the negative thoughts I have take over.  But I am not going to.  I came on your blog today knowing I would be inspired.  And you inspired.  "A set back is not a failure unless I quit."  I am going to print that out and put it on my fridge to see all week.  Thanks again!!!

  10. That makes me feel great! I'm so glad I could encourage you.


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