Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Used To…

This weekend, I was thinking about how much my life has changed in the last two years.

I used to go through a carton of ranch dip a week.

Now, I throw away uneaten dip that I buy for the kids. I rarely eat chips anymore, opting instead for hummus and jicima.

I used to dread meeting people or have unnecessary attention focused on me.

Now, I actually look forward to meeting people and I don’t mind speaking up at life group meetings. I’m even looking forward to being in our church’s Thanksgiving parade this year.

I used to reach for sugary snacks or chips and dip.

Now, I will purposely choose fruit over other options. I actually crave things like pineapple.

I used to settle for any halfway decent-looking clothes, as long as they fit.

Now, I’ve become something of a clothes snob. If I don’t love it, I don’t want it in my closet. I’ve also developed a fairly extreme prejudice against stripes and floral patterns – it seems that many plus size clothing manufacturers are under the misguided impression that obese people like to try to hide behind these two patterns.


I used to watch movies lying in the bed with a bowl of buttered popcorn.

Now, I watch movies on the treadmill, running 5 mph.

I used to sit around on the computer all day.

Now, I…okay, I still sit around on the computer as much as possible, but I workout before doing so.

I used to go up and down every aisle of the grocery store and speed through the produce section – as often as not, never even stopping there unless I wanted lettuce for a rare salad.

Now, I skip entire aisles full of processed foods and spend the bulk of my grocery dollars in the produce section.

I used to eat an entire days’ worth of calories at breakfast.

Now, I eat a days’ worth of calories in a day. Sometimes I go over my calorie budget, but not by a whole days’ worth of calories.

I used to always get fries with my fast food meals.

Now, I get a side salad. The kids know that I get TWO fries. That’s all I need to keep from feeling deprived. If we go somewhere that doesn’t have a side salad or that has nasty salads, I’ll get fries, but I give half of them away (usually to Brian) before I start eating.

I used to eat at McDonald’s.

Now, I never get more than an occasional sweet tea there. Other than my obligatory two fries when they kids get them, I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in nearly two years.


I used to actually get mad when it was time for my annual health risk assessment.

Now, I actually look forward to seeing how much my health has improved. (More on that tomorrow, but you may already know the highlights if you follow Eclipsed on Facebook.)

I used to drink sweet tea from the time I got up to the time I went to bed. Seriously, we were going through 10 lbs. of sugar a week and I was drinking probably a gallon a day (at least a half gallon). Oh, and Cokes. I would buy a 24-pack no less than every other week.

Now, I drink sweet tea at lunch and at supper. I allow myself one refill because I use a smallish glass filled with crushed ice. I trade my supper tea for Coke once a week when I eat dinner at my sister’s house. I never buy canned sodas anymore.

I used to never eat fruit, other than the occasional banana, handful of grapes, or strawberries (sliced with sugar added, preferably on top of shortcake).

Now, I love fruit: pineapple, grapes, cherries, bananas, strawberries, apples, oranges, peaches. Yum!

I used to have trouble bending over to tie my shoes.

Now, I can bend and breathe at the same time.

I used to get out-of-breath climbing the stairs in our house. I’d try to hide it behind a cough, but I think it was obvious.

Now, I can run 5+ miles without stopping!

I used to think that I could never be a normal size again, that losing weight was something I couldn’t do.

Now, I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 pounds from my goal weight!

What are some of your “used-to’s”? If you’re at the beginning of your weight-loss journey, what are some of the things you’re looking forward to when you get to your goal-weight?

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. You look great! Love you'll....

  2. It is always great to focus on how good things are compared to our "old" selves.  It helps us appreciate all the hard work we have done.  It helps us not take for granted our every day lives.  I love your list. 
    I used to not be able to ride my bike out of our neighborhood as there is a hill.  Now I ride up that hill on my way to ride 40 miles! 
    I used to be a poor role model for my daughter.  Now I am proud to have her say, 'I want to be just like you mommy!'  That is music to my ears!!
    You have truly turned your life around!  Way to go!!!

  3. Love your list, Jill! Fantastic!

  4. This is the most awesome post ever! Seriously inspiring, brought tears to my eyes. You have come so far!!! I'm sharing this! I wish I had some "used-tos" but someday.

  5. I used to not be able to put on my seatbelt in the car.
    --Now I don't start the car without putting it on.
    I used to not be able to wear lace up shoes because my feet were so swollen.
    --Now I am able to wear tennis shoes and am actually shopping around for some great walking (hopefully one day running) shoes.
    I used to have to keep the roll of toilet paper off of the roll holder in the bathroom because my thighs were too big to properly use it while using the restroom.
    --You guessed it, I am able to keep the roll of toilet paper on the roller thing. 

    Morgan - http://oh-hello-me.blogspot.com

  6. I used to let one bad day ruin my motivation.  Now I know that there will be days when I fall off the wagon, but since I am a NEW person with NEW HABITS - I know that tomorrow I can pick it up again and I will be fine.  One day cannot cause me to gain the 30 lbs I have lost back. . . but if I let one day ruin my thinking they will come back quickly.

    That is my biggest "used to" - coming at the end of a seven-day eating slump.  Today has been a GREAT day, though, and I find that one good day seems to make it all better.  Thanks for sharing!  

  7. Thanks, Lisa! You'll have your used-to's. I bet you've got some already. You've made such great progress. Don't sell yourself short.

  8. That's awesome, Morgan!! Such great, life-changing progress.

  9. I love that, Amanda! That is a huge change in thinking. So often, we let that "one day" ruin everything, but you're right, one day is just one day.

  10. I used to mindlessly graze and now (most of the time), I pay attention to how much I eat.

    I used to eat whatever sounded good but now more times then not, I try to feed my body what it needs to be healthy and run well.

    You look amazing, BTW. What a great post!~

  11. Those are two huge changes because they're both mental and physical. Great job!

  12. Love, love, LOVE this!  What a great reminder of how far you've come.  And what a great inspiration for the rest of us.  One of my used tos...I used to hate exercise.  Now I love getting sweaty, stinky and sore.  How this girly girl has changed!

    BTW, you do look great!  Congratulations!!!!!

  13. I won't say that I love getting sweety and stinky, but I dislike it a lot less. lol

  14. You look amazing!  So inspired! 

  15. Thanks, Amy! I feel *so* much better.

  16. Kris - I'm here because I'm tired of making excuses.  I have been all over this blog for the first time (yes, I am ashamed to say that, but had to say it anyway. ;) )  You are an inspiration, girl!  Thank you!

  17. Don't be ashamed to say that. I know exactly what limited hours in a day looks like. ;-) Thank you so much! It really is my goal in life right now to inspire other people to success because I know, now, that it can be done. You just have to start and not quit.


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