Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: The Vacation Results

Ready to weigh-in?

So, as I mentioned when I talked about vacations and weight-loss, I decided that I would get on the scale this week so that I could have an idea of where I’m at, but I wasn’t going to stress over it.

That’s exactly what I did. I gained 1.6 pounds and you know what? I’m okay with that. I enjoyed my vacation, I worked out, I ate healthy meals for breakfast and lunch and I enjoyed myself in moderation at dinner.

The way I ate last week is not how I typically eat – not anymore. I recognize that, so I’m determined not to stress over one week out of close to 104. I didn’t go crazy with my eating either, but now, it’s time to get back to normal.

It’s a cool feeling to realize that I really have changed the way I eat. I told Brian that I think this is the first vacation I’ve ever been on during which I did not eat at McDonald’s. And, last time we went to Disney, we consumed 150 donut holes. I’d planned to consume 25 or so this time, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. We didn’t have a single one.

Another funny thing was to realize how much I missed my favorite lunch time foods. My salad was so good yesterday and my pasta bowl the day before was yummy.

So, I’m back to my new normal eating habits, ready to get the rest of the weight off, and so not stressing over a less-than-two-pounds gain.

How did you do this week?

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. I'm so glad you got to get away for your anniversary! How fun! and yes, a 1.6lb gain on a week at Disney is nothing to worry about--you've got a good perspective. 

    I lost 2lbs this week, but oneo f that was make up from the pound I gained the two weeks prior.  We've had some long weeks with sick kids and birthdays/eating out. I allowed those things to get in the way of my goals and stalled out a bit.  We're back on track now, though!

  2. Way to go on your 2 lb. loss! Yes, sometimes life does interfer with our weight-loss plans, but you've got the key -- get right back on track. Hope this week is a great weight-loss week for both of us!

  3. Hey, we were on vacation too! HAHA! Really!

    I gained .4 pounds, and I am totally fine with it! It was a fantastic vacation. I ate differently than I normally do -- which I expected -- but I didn't go completely crazy -- which I didn't plan to -- and I didn't worry over it. But I'm back in this week! :)

  4. Are we leading some kind of crazy double life? You know, one of those alternate universe things? ;-)

  5.  I know! You have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw you were posting post-vacation results!

  6. Great attitude!  I've been sick this week and decided the same thing.  I haven't felt well enough to exercise (or maybe that's just an excuse).  I have tried to eat healthy.  But I'm still not sure what the scale will be next week and I'm trying not to worry about it...easier said than done ;)

  7. Am perusing your blog and really liking what I'm reading. I train with a trainer, but love your 30/40/50 Challenge! As for your holiday wee weight gain, I was the same. I stressed out before I left thinking I would get off track, but I gained about 1 lb. and after one week of being back on my trainign diet and schedule, I feel my muscles look fuller. So there's something to be said for going off the clean eats every once in a while.

  8. I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog. I love writing about the things I've discovered on my journey for obesity to fitness.

    I agree that, as counter-intuitive as it sounds, I think it is good to increase the calories and indulge in some less-healthy foods from time to time. It keeps your metabolism on its toes.

  9. Tina @ Faith Fitness FunSeptember 3, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    SO proud and happy for you! That is awesome progress and just shows how far you have come in the food relationship. Such a freeing feeling, no? :) 

  10. Definitely! I can't wait to reach my goal weight, so that I can completely shift to a maintaining mindset rather than being focused on losing all the time. I'm hoping it will feel a lot like last week -- without the fried shrimp and the 1200+ calorie burger. ;-)


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