Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: It’s All Good

Happy Wednesday! You know what that means – it’s weigh-in time.

I confess: I peeked at the scale a few times in the last week and I knew I was up. I was up pretty bad on Monday, so when the scale settled on a 0.4 lb. gain yesterday, I was rather relieved.

I’m not quite sure what caused the gain. It could have been one of three or four things:

1) I added in more structured strength-training, so I could have gained some muscle. I seriously doubt it since I don’t feel like I’ve been doing much challenging lifting yet, but it’s possible.

2) I started drinking protein shakes, which increased my calorie consumption a bit. However, most days I stayed pretty close to my normal calorie intake, so I’m not stressing over the protein shakes yet.

3) Outside of my workout time, I was fairly sedentary last week, so I might not have burned as many calories as I should have.

4) Female hormone water retention stuff.

I’m leaning toward #3 and #4 or a combination of the two. I’m not stressing it since my loss rate has been fairly steady the last few weeks. I said I’d give the lifting/protein shakes a month before I made any judgments or changes there, so I’ll stick to that. For now, it is what it is.

Alicia, at Confessions of a Snowflake, has asked us to share our favorite healthy treats this week. One of my favorites is fruit. I never knew how many different fruits I – or my kids – enjoyed. A particular favorite right now is pineapple – not the canned junk, though. Fresh pineapple. Yum.

I love mixing together a bunch of fruits in my fruit salad, too.

Another one that I’ve enjoyed lately is a chocolate-covered frozen banana – that one comes with a  caveat, though. I remembered reading about them in the Self magazine with Jillian Michaels a while back.

I was craving them really bad last week, so I went out and bought some chocolate almond bark and and bananas. I froze the bananas then dipped them in the almond bark and froze that.

Then, I found the magazine.

You’re supposed to drizzle – and the exact amount escapes me right now…something like an ounce or half-an-ounce – of dark chocolate on the banana and freeze it.

Drizzle, not coat.

Healthy dark chocolate, not chocolate almond bark.

So, if you decide to try the frozen bananas – which are delicious because the frozen banana tastes just like a banana split – do it the healthy, low-calorie, right way.

For the record, I’ve been picking off most of the chocolate when I eat them.

This post is linked to Weight-Loss Wednesday.

Do or do not. There is no try.


  1. Those darn girly water retention issues make this steady weight loss thing challenging, don't they? I think they contributed to my less-than-impressive loss last week.  Darned hormones.

    This week, I'm down another 1.5, for a total so far of 8lbs!! This is success well beyond any previous weight loss attempt for me. I am SO excited.  Thanks for the accountability!

  2. #4 is a biggie for me, every single month. BAH. Your body could also be adjusting to the different strength/nutrition you're giving it. Either way .4 isn't terrible, especially with that #4!

    I'm thrilled to report that I lost 2.2 pounds this week! I'm actually kind of surprised by that, as my workouts weren't what they should have been. But still -- WOOP! :)

  3. Yeah, 0.4 isn't terrible. That's why I'm really not stressing
    it...espcially, as you said, with #4. Sometimes I hate being female. ;-)

    Way to go on 2.2!! Love those weeks! Congrats.

  4. Yes, you've just gotta love female hormones. Ugh! Way to to on your
    weight-loss! That's great and I can feel your excitement. Congrats!

  5. Ooh, that banana idea sounds fantastic! Gonna have to try that one! And there is nothing more heavenly that fresh, juicy pineapple! It goes great in smoothies-gonna get you to try a green smoothie yet!

    And I feel ya on the water retention thing. I think that definitely contributed to me not seeing as big a loss as anticipated last week. Sometimes everyone's favorite relative is just plain evil. Hoping for a better weigh-in this week. I took a peek today and so far, so good.

  6. Oh, *that* relative. Duh! I didn't get that. I thought you had some
    super-special family member visiting -- one who likes to bake and eat out.

    I have IRL friend who has not yet managed to convince me to try a green
    smoothie. I won't say "never" because we know how that goes, but, well,
    yuck! ;-)

  7. Well, I lost a lb this week and I'll take it!  I felt like my heart just wasn't in it this week.  Maybe that first blush of losing weight has worn off and I really need to rekindle the romance, here!  It turns out this changing your life thing is nothing but hard work...but that happy feeling I get when I'm faithful on the ellyptical and down a lb or 2 is really worth it.  It's not a good excuse, but my almost 2 year old would not sleep right this week and I was so tired I don't think I could stay focused.  But I am certainly not giving up!  I think I can, I think I can!!!  And we know you can!  :)  So here's to better numbers next week!  :)

  8. A pound lost is a pound in the right direction. It sounds great to me. Good

  9. I was browsing through your posts & found the one about setting goals; justthe kick in the pants I needed. So I set some and came on over to participate in the weigh-in. I'm down about 2.5 this week. =] See you next week!

  10. It excites me to hear that! I love when I can help motivate someone.
    Congrats on the 2.5!! That's awesome!


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