Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: Reshaping It All

Remember DJ Tanner from Full House? If it tells you anything about how old I am, I watchd the popular TV show on Friday nights…when it wasn’t syndicated. I love that my kids enjoy watching Full House reruns now. It’s such a sweet show and I always know my kids are going to be presented with a strong family unit and good values when they watch it.

You may remember that DJ, the oldest sister, was played by Candace Cameron. Now, grown and married with three children of her own, Candace Cameron Bure has written Reshaping It All, the slightly biographical, mostly motivational book about her life, her faith and her struggles with her weight.


While I never viewed the young Candace Cameron as overweight, I can imagine what it must have been like to be a teen on TV who wasn’t runway model thin. Because of Hollywood’s expectations, Candace struggled with her weight as a teen and into her early adult years.

Candace came to terms with her own issues with weight and food and has maintained a 25 pound weight-loss since her Full House days. Now, Candace Cameron Bure, a committed Christian, is excited to share with other women, through her book, words of encouragement for physical and spiritual fitness.

This 239-page book is filled with personal stories from Candace’s life, Scripture verses that have been particularly meaningful to her, tips, and recipes. While I sometimes found the layout of the book a bit disjointed, there are definitely some great nuggets of wisdom tucked inside.

I recently shared the insights I gained from Candace’s outlook on setting and achieving goals.

Each of the 19 chapters ends with:

  • The Pantry – A recap of the main idea of the previous chapter, if you need a refresher or you’re just short on time and want to get the main idea quickly…or maybe you’re one of those folks who skims the entire book before settling in to read.
  • A Slice of Advice – Candace’s response to fan mail, primarily questions related to fitness and weight-loss
  • A Pinch of Practicality – Practical application ideas
  • The Candy Dish – Encouraging quotes from a variety of sources
  • Food for Thought – A recap of the Scriptures quoted in the previous chapter
  • From My Stove to Yours – A healthy recipe for you to try

There is also a full-color photo section in the middle of the book which I, as a Full House fan from back in the day, found enjoyable. It’s always fun to see how people have changed since you last saw them on the show and to see their families now that they’re grown.

I really love that throughout the book Candace points the reader back to her own personal relationship with Christ because, truthfully, when any one area of your life is out of whack, there is a very strong possibility that your spiritual life is out of whack. God cares about every aspect of our lives and we can usually find the answers we’re seeking in His Word, rather than the myriad of other places we seek peace and refuge.

This is not a diet or a weight-loss how-to book. It’s more one woman sharing her experience with others – and encouraging you to become healthy and fit both physically and spiritually so that you can fully enjoy the life with which God has blessed you. It’s inspiration to reach your full potential in Christ and to take care of the body He has given you without obsessing over the world’s ideal of what you should look like.

Published by B&H Publishing, Reshaping It All is available at most online book retailers for a retail price of $14.99.

Reshaping It All is co-authored by Darlene Schacht, who will be a keynote speaker for the upcoming 2:1 Conference. I will be a break-out speaker at the 2:1 Conference and received this book free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions.  Your experience may vary. Please read my full disclosure policy for more details.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'll share the link too. 

  2. I'm reading this book right now and I'm loving it.  Candace seems to be a voice of intelligence and reason amidst a sea of fad diets.

  3. Yeah for 'Reshaping It All'.  I love this book too!  This summer there was a group of ladies meeting at my place to discuss this book and encourage each other to get healthy.  You can check out our discussion questions on my blog:  Congrats on your weight loss.  God bless.

  4. LOVE your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine so I could find it. :) 

    That book sounds like something I would really like. I always loved her on the show and have since heard of her commitment to being a Christian and sharing that life with others which makes me love her all the more. And you know I get behind combining faith and fitness/health. ;) 

  5. Thanks, Tina! I really appreciate your comment. You might also want to check
    out Lisa Terkeurst's book Made to Crave. I reviewed it, as well, and really
    enjoyed her perspective on faith and fitness.

    I've gotta tell you, I thought about your 2147 calories post when I was
    doing my grocery shopping yesterday. Between your post and some comments I
    read in the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women, I've been giving a lot
    of thought to how many calories a body really needs. I fully believe that
    what you said about making "nutrient dense" choices (I think it was you who
    said that) is key -- I don't think a person would get the same results
    eating 2147 calories worth of poor quality food. There will probably be a
    blog post about that in the future. There are lots of thoughts swirling
    around in my head.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wow! you are truly an inspiration! keep up the great work. hopping from the ff blog hop (a little late!)

  7. Thank you! And, thanks for stopping by.


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