Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keep Your Shoes Tied!

This may seem like a weird topic to blog about…unless you’ve experienced the frustration of having to stop and tie your shoes about a million times a day. I would imagine that it’s even more frustrating when you’re running and have to stop because of a loose shoelace, but, to be honest, at the time I learned this tip, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would run on purpose, so I couldn’t say.

At that time, I probably liked this tip so much because it meant less times I’d have to bend over out-of-breath and gasping for air to tie my shoes.

I wish I could find the original source for this tip.  I know I found it online somewhere, but it’s been so many years that, despite much searching, I couldn’t find it.  If you’ve ever heard the tip before and know its source, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

This tip works great for all types of shoelaces, as far as I can tell, but it’s particularly effective for those impossible-to-keep-tied round laces – you know, the kind you’ll find on most running shoes.  It’s more effective than a double-knot and doesn’t get tangled.

Step 1:  Begin to tie your shoes as usual:


Step 2:  Keep going with the “bunny ears” you learned as a kid, but don’t pull it tight:


Step 3:  Okay, this is the brilliant part, but also the trickiest to explain…instead of pulling the knot tight, loop one “bunny ear” back through the hole (the same hole you looped it through to get what would normally be your final knot):


Step 4:  Now, pull it tight:


You’re good to go!  Your shoe won’t come untied until you untie it.  To do that you just grab the two ends (by the aglet, which you’ll know if you watch Phineas and Ferb) and pull.


Happy running (or walking or biking or spinning or Zumba-ing, or whatever you do to get and stay fit)!

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  1. Timely information! I tried to run with the dogs two days ago. Between the leashes and my reeboks with the slippery coated laces...I nearly had my first flying lesson. Next time, I go without the dogs and I'll use your technique for tying my shoes.

  2. That's exactly how I tie my shoelaces! Been doing it that way since I was a kid. :D

  3. I should send this to our Zumba instructor. ;-) Her shoes are constantly coming untied mid-song. She typically just pulls her shoe off and goes without it until she can put it back on again. I figured you were talking to me there for a minute at the end. LOL

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