Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Weekly Weigh-In: New Milestones!

It’s time for another Weekly Weigh-In!  I’m excited about this week’s weigh-in because I hit a some big milestones, which always makes the success a little sweeter.

First of all, I lost 1.8 pounds, which is slightly less than the 2 pounds I was kind of going for, but more than the 1.5 pounds that I’ve set as my weekly goal.

Milestone #1: I’ve now officially lost 70 pounds.  Finally!  Getting for 0-60 was pretty quick.  Sixty to seventy took forever.

Milestone #2:  I am under the weight on my driver’s license for the first time in about 16 years!!  That feels good…especially since I lied about my weight when I got my driver’s license that time and renewed online every time since then, so I didn’t have to acknowledge the weight thing.

Milestone #3:  I’m out of the 150’s, where I’ve been stuck since July!  Yes, July.  Those of you who are stuck on plateaus, I feel your pain.  I totally understand, but there’s the proof that, if you just stick with doing working out and eating right, you’ll get there.  I’m sincerely hoping that I’m off that plateau for good and will start losing steadily again.

Yes, it was a good weigh-in for me this week.  What about you?


  1. Congratulations!! Those are three biggies!

    I've tossed .8 lbs. I'm a bit disappointed. I am *thisclose* to hitting the "I lost 30 lbs" marker. I'll get there. Big news: it was warm enough to walk in the trail yesterday, so 2 of my 3.5 miles were outside! I know it isn't huge, but I was thrilled. :)

  2. Woo-Hoo!! No change for me, but I wanted to stop by and say WAY TO GO!!!!!! ;-)

  3. Well done Kris! That is so amazing to hit three in one week!

    I lost 2lbs this week, taking me to 190 - four to go until I hit my first mini-goal - can't wait!

    Thank you for the accountability of here and for all your support for us Kris.

    You're doing such an amazing work for yourself and the rest of us!

    Blogged about my weigh-in here:


  4. I am cleaning up my diet again. Maintaining is even harder than losing sometimes. On the bright side- I really liked losing, and now that I have a few pounds to shed, I can see the numbers drop again ;)


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