Monday, February 28, 2011

Do or Do Not Challenge: Week 9

Wow!  Week 9! So, how is the weight-loss going with you?  More importantly, how are the lifestyle changes going?  Have you reached a point where you feel like the changes you're making could be changes that you could live with for the rest of your life?

No matter how long we’ve been at this – I’m into Year 2, myself – we'll all have times when we feel that we've succeeded and others when we feel like we've failed.  However, it all comes down to balance.  I may have ups and I may have downs, but as long as I remain balanced in my choices – with eating, with working out – I will reach my goals and I will  create new habit for myself that can last a lifetime. I've got a couple more challenges for us this week, designed to keep us moving in the direction of positive, lifetime changes.  Are you ready?

1.  Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night this week. Isn't this one hard sometimes?  It is often the case that the only time we moms (especially those of us who homeschool) can really enjoy some relative peace and quiet is after everyone else is asleep.  However, when we're not getting enough sleep, our bodies are not functioning at their best...and, it's much easier to decide to catch up on sleep the next morning, rather than getting up to workout.  So, this week, shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep each night and see how much better you feel.  You owe it to yourself!

2.  Eat at least one serving of fruits and/or veggies with each meal every day this week. It can be easy to skip those fruits and veggies.  Sometimes it's just quicker and more convenient to eat something else.  Most fruits and veggies, though, are great, low-calorie, high-fiber options to fill you up while providing vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function properly. I have a fresh salad with lunch at least twice a week.  (It used to be nearly every day, but I’m trying to branch out on my lunch options).  On pizza day (Tuesday), this allows me to still enjoy a higher-fat favorite without allowing myself to fill up on the pizza.  I used to eat four slices of pizza, but now I just eat one...and a big, tasty, veggie-filled salad.

What are some of your favorite veggies?  What's your favorite salad topping?  I'm extremely fond of pepperoncini and avocado (a higher-fat option, but it’s the good fat and it tastes incredible with chicken).  I’ve also discovered the joys of fruits on salad, which I never used to do – apples, grapes, and strawberries are my favorites.  Yum!



  1. Really needed the sleep challenge Kris - thank you for that - also looking forward to seeing exactly how consistent I am on the fruit/vegetables front - do I eat as many as I think I do?

    Blogged about my progress so far here:


  2. Oh, goodness! This will be a challenge. Last night, I think I got 5 interrupted hours. I try to aim for 7. I'll work harder this week! I know it's important.

  3. I am so excited about this weeks challenges - I know I'm only on week 3, but I am loving it! I lost 2 pounds this week... which takes me to 1lb lower than my start weight (had a weee blip!!) and can't wait to get going this week too. Wish I was up with the rest of you, but figured if I started from the beginning I'd have a better chance of making it work! Thanks again for your help!

  4. Way to go on the loss, Crazy Chick! I think you're right -- starting at the beginning will probably yield the best results.


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