Monday, January 24, 2011

Do or Do Not Challenge: Week 4

You've made it to Week 4 of the Do or Do Not Weight Loss Challenge.  How are you doing so far?  I hope you're doing great, meeting the challenges, and surprising yourself with what you find you're capable of.  I've got a couple of challenges this week designed to keep us moving forward and learning to make lifetime changes.  Are you ready?

1.  Get an accountability partner.  It is so important to find someone who can not only support you in your goals, but also hold you accountable during your weak moments.  No one needs somebody policing their eating habits or workout routines, but sometimes we all need someone who will not be afraid to speak the truth in a kind, supportive way.

So, I encourage you to find someone who can be that support for you -- someone to answer to.  If you’re participating in the fitness swap this go around, I hope you’re finding an accountability partner in your swap buddy.  I know I am!  And, if you haven’t heard from your swap buddy, make it a point to email her today.

2.  Eat out challenge.  Let's face it, when weight-loss is your goal, it's easier to eat at home, where you know what all the ingredients are and exactly how the food is prepared.  However, it's not always the feasible -- or the most fun -- option.  So my challenge to you this week is to find a meal that you can enjoy at your favorite restaurant -- and keep it at 500 calories or less.

I’ve posted about finding meals at both Logan's and Chili's that I can enjoy for less than 500 calories.  My suggestion is that you plan ahead.  Search for online nutritional information.  If your favorite restaurant doesn't post their nutritional information online, sites like The Daily Plate or Dottie's Weight-Loss Zone can help.  If all else fails, remember to order grilled or baked, when possible, and to ask for dressings or condiments on the side.

And, of course, in addition to these new challenges, keep going with previous challenges -- keep moving, keep logging your calories, keep moving forward.  Remember, trying to lose weight is not an option.  Do or do not; there is no try.


  1. A couple of weeks ago my hubby and I went to a lot of the websites for our favorite local chain restaurants. Most places now have nutritional guides that can be downloaded. Now, we know in advance what we can eat, and where.

  2. Unfortunately not many of the restaurants here put up the nutritional info online unless they're American chains (KFC McDs etc).

    I'll be trying to find a diet-friendly Chinese takeaway this week.

    Thanks again for the challenges Kris!

    I blogged about my week here:

    I had to blog the emotional stuff separately but I'm not quite ready to hit publish so I guess I'll have to work on that again this week.



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