Monday, January 17, 2011

Do or Do Not Challenge: Week 3

It's the beginning of Week 3 for the Do or Do Not Weight Loss ChallengeHow did you do with last week's challenges?  Have you figured out how you're going to track your eating?  Have you cleaned out your kitchen of all the junk?  Are you ready for this week's challenge?

1.  Exercise for a total of 30 minutes, at least five days this week.  Yep, it's time to get serious about that movement.  You may not have 30 uninterrupted minutes, but make use of the little bits of time you can snag.  Fifteen minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening is better than nothing at all.

I love what Leslie Sansone says about the “best” time to exercise: “The best time to exercise is when you’ll do it.”

For me, that’s first thing in the morning or it doesn’t get done.  For you, it may be during the evening, while the kids are napping, or in the evening when Dad is available to help occupy the kids.  Whenever it is and whatever you do, just do it!  Get moving this week.

I’ve found that writing down, ahead of time, what I plan to do each day goes a long way toward ensuring that I actually do it.  You may want to give that a try this week: write out a simple workout schedule and follow it.

2. Begin journaling, either on paper or on your blog, the emotional process of losing weight.  Losing weight is more than just physical. If you don't figure out the how's and why's of your weight loss, you're only working on the symptoms, not treating the cause.  You don't have to journal every day, but do begin to spend some time thinking about the causes of your weight gain -- and the emotional journey you're taking as you lose -- this week and jot down your findings about yourself.

If you missed my review of Made to Crave, you might want to read it.  Author Lysa TerKeurst takes an insightful look at one of the possible why’s of weight gain.

Let me know how you're doing so far.  Enjoy this week's challenges, knowing that you're making positive changes in your life!


  1. Finding a time that works for the 30 minutes is my hardest challenge! But I'll make it work!

  2. Last week's challenge went okay. I don't really have junk in the house, so cleaning out the pantry wasn't a big deal. I counted calories, but 2 days I was just a little higher than what I have set as my goal, but still within a range that sparkpeople says will allow me to lose. This week's challenge should go well for me since I'm already doing those things. I have some blog ideas in my mind and have already been thinking about the "why" of my obesity. Thanks for making me press further into that.

  3. I didn't do last weeks challenge, but last week I did exercise for 30 minutes a day for 5 days, so if I do that again this week, I'm well on the way to making a new habit!!
    Thanks for posting the challenges. It's nice knowing I'm not the only one working on this.

  4. Fell very short last week but I'm recalculating!

    Blogged about it here:



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