Monday, January 3, 2011

Do or Do Not Challenge: Week 1

j0386339It’s that time again:  the Do or Do Not Challenge 2011.  A few people have expressed interest in doing the challengae again this year, so I’m happy to re-run it for you.  Let’s help each other stay motivated.

Are you ready for a weight-loss challenge?  This is the time of year when they gyms and health clubs are full to bursting.  If you walk into a department store, you’re sure to see everything on the fitness aisles on sale -- weights, workout DVDs, everything.  You’re met with end-caps full of fitness equipment everywhere you look.  This is the time of year when people have made their resolutions to get serious and lose weight.

And, by mid-February or the beginning or March, those who are serious will have the gym to themselves again.  For that reason, this is a sixteen week weight-loss challenge.  That's right -- sixteen weeks.  That will take us right up to the end of April.  By that time, the weather will begin to improve, so you won't mind getting outside to move.  Fresh fruits and veggies will be starting to show up in the stores, so you'll be more inclined to eat healthier and, if that isn't enough, you'll have swimsuit and shorts season looming to keep you motivated.

So, are you ready? Are you serious about losing weight this time.  This is the year to "do or do not.  There is no try."  Because "trying" is quitting with honor.

So, if you're ready, let's get started.  Each week I'll post at least two specific challenges designed to get us eating healthier, moving more and staying focused.  Some of you are ready to hit the ground running.  By all means, go for it!  However, this week some of you just need to figure out where you are and where you want to be.  So, here are your Week 1 challenges:

1.  Write down everything you eat this week.  Even if you're not ready to start focusing on the healthier choices or you're unsure of how to make those choices, write down everything that you eat so you can start to get a real picture of where you are.  The most important thing here is to be honest.  The only person you're lying to -- the only person you're hurting -- if you're not honest about what you're eating is yourself.

2.  Pledge your weight-loss at the Pound-for-Pound Challenge. You might as well help others as you help yourself.  For every pound you lose, the folks at Pound-for-Pound Challenge will donate a pound of food to your local food bank.  It costs nothing to pledge, but it's really a great feeling knowing that you're helping others.  I couldn't believe how emotional I got making that pledge and knowing that I was committing to making positive changes in my life and in my community.

3.  Get moving! Even if you have to start out slow, get some movement in your day.  Here are some ideas for inspiration, if you need them.

So, what do you say?  Who's with me?  Oh, and while there was some interest in doing a study on Made to Crave, there wasn’t an overwhelming response, so I may post some discussion questions on the book on Fridays, starting on January 14, but it won’t be a full-fledged Bible study.  If you’re interested in doing the official study or listening the podcasts, I encourage you to do so.  I plan to listen to the podcasts.


  1. Thanks for the challenge Kris! I'm in!

    I've been detailing my food intake for a few weeks now on kifit (Uk bodybugg).

    I've just pledged to lose the max of 50lbs - but need to lose 66 alas and alack!

    In order to get moving I'm setting a twenty-minute timer on computer and televisual activites so I'll be moving at least every twenty minutes. I'm upping ym steps target , moderate activity target and calorie burn too! Oh yeah and actually exercising - doh!

    Posted about it here:

  2. I'm in for this! So glad you are rerunning it, I can use all the motivation I can get.

  3. Hey, I'm new to your site - I'm up for your challenge. I've just pledged 50 lbs..and I usually journal with sparkpeople.

  4. I had no idea that pound for pound site existed!!! That's fantastic! I'm in for this challenge for sure! Yay! I'm excited!

  5. I'm so excited to hear y'all's pledges! Last year, I pledged 50 pounds, though I planned to lose more. I made my goal, plus 5 lbs.!

    This year, I pledged 25 lbs. I've got 30 lbs. more to go to reach my original goal, but I've already decided that I'll be perfectly happy with 25 more pounds and it's a goal that I'm pretty sure I can achieve, though I can't say the same for that last 5 lbs. which tends to be really hard to get off.

  6. Thanks for the challenge Kris! I do better with "competition"! I'm in and I'm pledging 70lbs this year!


  7. I am in! I am ready to stop trying and DO IT this time!

  8. I am going for 40 lbs removed (to use your terminology!) this year. Last year was 20, and I hit that at the beginning of December despite a rather stressful year. YES!

    And I thought of this as I was journaling: do you know how non-calorie drinks affect weight loss? Not diet sodas, but teas or VitaminWater or Sobe drinks. I don't drink them in place of water, but I do drink them at least once a day.

  9. Is it too late to join the Do or Do Not Challenge?? I just stumbled on this blog. I love it! I am in for losing 70 pounds. I have been tracking what I eat and going to the gym 3 x a week and working out at home 3 x a week.

  10. Hey, Kara, you can join in at any time. Glad to have you along!

  11. I had no idea that pound for pound site existed!!! That's fantastic! I'm in for this challenge for sure! Yay! I'm excited!


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