Monday, December 6, 2010

Seeing Results

I didn't realize that I'd given it its own little post once upon a time, but one of the things on my great long list of "things I'm looking forward to about losing weight" is/was being able to wear cute little lounge pants.

Well, I've got three pair now, but the pair I bought this weekend is the first pair that fall under the "exactly what I had in mind" category.  I'm not sure what I love best about them: the color (a blue/white/green plaid pattern), how comfortable they are (really comfortable), or the fact that they are a comfortably-fitting medium

Whatever it is that I love best, I am so excited to finally be reaching goals that I never really thought I would see come to fruition.  If you've been putting off getting started on your own weight-loss journey, please don't wait any longer.  All the hard work is so worth it!


  1. Awesome! and we need to see you in your victory lounge pants! Photos please :)

  2. I thought about taking a photo, but I was too lazy to do it last, I was wearing what has to be my most red-neck t-shirt with it. The shirt was a hand-me-down from my step-brother that I love only because it was the first size large t-shirt that fit me comfortably. I would never wear it in public...or have a photo of me in it on my blog. lol Someday I'll post a photo of me in the pants, though. I'll have to find another shirt to wear. ;-)

  3. Congratulations!!! What a fun and exciting accomplishment!!!!


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