Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in: Questionable Weight-Loss Methods

It's Weekly Weigh-in time!  Who's still weighing in weekly?  How'd you do last week?  Here's your chance to hold yourself accountable.  Let me celebrate or commiserate with you.  I'm also going to be posting my NSV's with my weigh-ins, at least for awhile.  I haven't been very consistent with getting them posted on Saturdays lately, so feel free to share yours as well.

I'll start this week's weigh-in with a pop-quiz.  Are you ready?

Which is the best option for dealing with a weekend-long date with your husband involving the indulging in of foods normally considered off-limits?

A) Tell yourself it's okay because this isn't something you normally do, get right back to healthy eating on Monday, and hit the gym hard this week.

B) Tell yourself you've blown it for this week, you might as well indulge in an entire week of poor food choices.

C) Spend Sunday night violently ill (probably related to the final indulgence of aforementioned typically off-limits foods) and wind up losing 3.2 lbs. anyway.

It probably wasn't the best choice, but I went with option C -- not that I actually had a choice.  That's not the most fun way to lose weight and not one that I'd recommend, but since it happened and I feel rather like I cheated on my weigh-in, my goal this week is to, at the very least, maintain that loss.

As for my non-scale victories, I had a few that really stand out in my mind from the last week or so.  One is, last week, when leaving the Y, I noticed that they had a table full of "Fight like a girl" t-shirts on sale to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  I'd seen the signs for the shirts, but thought you had to pre-order and hadn't done so.  I just so happened to have $10 with me (unusual since I rarely carry cash) and I wanted one.

After asking the girl if the shirts ran pretty true to size, I bought one -- an XL.  I almost bought a 2X, but decided that if the XL didn't fit, I'd just keep working out until it did.  I got home and tried it on.  It fit perfectly!  Do you know -- I bet some of you do -- how exciting it is to be able to buy a shirt that you like and have it fit just like you wanted it to in a size that you don't mine wearing (at least for now)??

I told my husband, I may get more expensive as I get smaller.  It's fun to shop "off the rack" and like the results!

The second thing deserves photographic proof:

Do you know what that is?  It's my high school class ring!  Can I just admit that I don't even remember the last time it fit?  Just for the record, I'm still a good 70 lbs. heavier than I was in high school, but my fingers have been really fat for awhile.  This is just proof that I'm on my way down.

On a similar note, I also tried on my favorite bracelet, one with my kids' names on it, that I haven't worn in awhile.  The last time I wore it, I could barely get it clasped.  Now, it clasps with room left over and slides up and down on my wrist!

Finally, when my husband and I backed out of our rather steep driveway this weekend, in his car, he looked at me and exclaimed, "Dang, Baby!"  Um, okay.  "Dang, Baby" what?  He said that whenever I rode with him before, the front end would scrape, no matter what angle he backed out.  He said he's noticed, the last couple of times, that it hasn't.

I told him that I didn't know whether to thank him or slug him, but that I'd choose to take that as a compliment.  ;-)  I also told him that, knowing how he is about his car, I'm surprised he hadn't been making me get in after he got out of the driveway.

So, what about you?  How's the scale treating you this week?  What positive changes have you noticed off the scale?  I can't wait to be inspired and encouraged by you!


  1. Congrats on the continued weight loss, but sorry you had to have a rough Sunday night :). The part about the car made me laugh, it's exactly the type of compliment a guy would give. I'm sure that he's super proud of you!

  2. YAY on the 3.2 lbs, even if it did come from, er, an unconventional method. :)

    As for me, I am up 1.6 lbs! WAAHH!! It's my own fault though. We went to On the Border with the magicians (late~), and I had cheese dip and chips. And a turtle empanada.

    On another note, my urchins watched SuperSize Me yesterday, and we had a great discussion about food choices and how they affect your body.

  3. Haven't really been at it long enough to have a scale victory or NSV. I'll let you know next week :)
    Congratulations on the ring fitting!
    Jewelry can definitely be a nsv. My wedding ring won't come off. It is firmly stuck on my finger because I got so fat. I'm waiting for the day I can slip it on and off and not feel embarrassed that I got so heavy and didn't even notice that my ring was stuck :)

  4. Congratulations on yet another week of weight loss!! I'm sorry that you were so sick Sunday night. :o(

    If they still have those shirts at the Y, do you think you could buy me one in an XL and I could pay you back?

  5. I forgot to tell you that starting yesterday, I am making encouraging notes to myself in the kitchen. I used a dry erase marker and wrote on my refrigerator (it comes off easily) and the dry erase board. I'll probably be writing on my bathroom mirrors next. My plan is to change the notes frequently so I don't read them mindlessly. I DO want to reach my goal of 155!!!

  6. Ok, Brian's comment is hilarious. :)

    I would have hit him first and then laughed.

    Boys. :)


  7. I'm a newer reader - maybe two months. I was preggo when I started reading, but put you into my GoogleReader so I could come back when I had the baby. Well I had the baby two weeks ago and now it's time to work on getting the pounds off. I can't really work out for another 4 weeks, but I know that I need to start eat for one again.

  8. good grief. remind me to smack him upside the head the next time i see him!!! Aaron says crap like that all the time and then expects some kind of "reward" for paying me a compliment. Idiots....

    sorry you were sick.

    I am down 1.5lbs this week. I have really kicked butt in cardio this week so i feel like i earned it!

    My NSV of the week was thurs. dinner! I will usually get a big pc of lasagna and a small salad, but this time around, i swapped up and managed to stay way below my calorie count for the week!

  9. way to go Kris!! you are doing so well and keeping motivated (sorry you had to be sick).

    I blogged about mine


    keep up the good work, and the motivation to the rest of us :)

  10. I'm a newer reader - maybe two months. I was preggo when I started reading, but put you into my GoogleReader so I could come back when I had the baby. Well I had the baby two weeks ago and now it's time to work on getting the pounds off. I can't really work out for another 4 weeks, but I know that I need to start eat for one again.


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