Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In: Floored

This week's Weekly Weigh-In post is going to be short and sweet because, well, I'm feeling rather lousy.  Not awful, just I know I'm trying to come down with something -- running a low-grade fever for three days, coughing, and feeling achy -- and I'm doing my best to fight it off:  lots of vitamin C and an early bedtime tonight (I'm writing this post Monday night).

I hope you will share you weigh-in results this week, either via MckLinky or in the comments.

I was floored by this week's weigh-in.  You may recall that I pretty much thought last week's 3.2 lb. loss was a fluke because I'd been sick last Sunday night (probably due to the extremely fat-filled, greasy meal I ate earlier that evening).  I was simply hoping to maintain that loss this week.  Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning and had lost an additional 3.4 lbs.!!  I got off the scale and stepped back on, just to make sure.  Yep, same reading both times.

That puts me at 38 lbs. lost...only 2 lbs. away from 40 lbs, a bit of a benchmark for me since that's the number I never could quite get to the last time I lost a significant amount of weight.  I'll feel much better -- much more secure in the fact that I really can do this -- once I hit 40 lbs. lost.  I'm sincerely hoping that's next week.  Really, I'm hoping it's two-point-anything because 2 lbs. puts me at 40 lbs. lost, but anything more than that puts me in the 170's...a place I haven't been in a long, long time.

What about you?  How'd you do this week?


  1. Congratulations! You're doing great.

    I've stayed the same for the last month, which is better than gaining. Now that another baby is on the way I know I'll start gaining weight, so my goal is to do light exercise and eat right through my pregnancy.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Congrats Kris thats awesome!! I'll e linking up with mine next week! Hubby's home on leave so keeping my computer time short and sweet right now =0)

  3. Congratulations on you weigh-in, that is AWESOME!

  4. Wow!! Congrats on another great week. I'll be pulling for you to get 2. something next week, it's always such a great feeling to reach another benchmark. Keep up the good work and hope you get to feeling better :).

  5. You're doing great Kris! Could you please share some of your healthy dinner recipes? Thx!

  6. Alisha -- Nearly all my dinner recipes come from Gina's Weight Watcher's Recipes. It's linked on my sidebar under "Helpful Links." Pretty much if it's a healthy meal and not a family favorite that I've retained, it came from her site. I've tried very few that haven't been met with rave reviews from my crew.

  7. WONDERFUL! I'm hoping for something this week too as it's been a bit rough in the eating department for me this week!

    KEEP IT UP! :)


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