Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In: Close, but No Cigar

It's my favorite time of the week -- Weekly Weigh-In time! Does that make me sound crazy?  Maybe so, but I love checking to see how much closer I've gotten to my goal.  This week, I was close...but I didn't quite make my goal.  Stupid water-retention-causing time of the month.  Though I was disappointed about not making 40 lbs., I wasn't really disappointed in my weight-loss, though:  1.4 lbs.  Not bad for a week's work, especially that week.

How'd you do?  I'd love to hear how much closer you got to your goal.  I'm not going to set up a MckLinky this week because there hasn't been a lot of participation lately (and because I'm trying to get off the computer so I can watch The Blind Side with my family), but you can leave your link in the comments if you post your results.


  1. I've no idea where I am. I still haven't found the scale. I'm hoping to unpack all of the bathrooms today, and MAYBE it will show up. My jeans are considerably more loose though! And I am wearing a t-shirt today that was WAAAY too tight before.

  2. The fit of your clothes is a great way to gauge your progress -- sometimes it's even more fun than seeing those pounds slip away on the scale.

  3. I think 1 lb is great! :) At least it is a step forward.

  4. way to go Kris :) can't wait to heare when you hit 40 lbs...this week right? :)

    I blogged about mine here... http://chikadeasnest.blogspot.com/2010/03/weighing-in.html


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