Saturday, January 30, 2010

NSV: I Did It Anyway

It's time to celebrate those Non-Scale Victories -- those weight-loss moments that occurred somewhere other than the scale.  Take some time each week to reflect on those small successes that add up to huge weight-loss results for you.  Share them here and let us celebrate with and be inspired by you.

I can't think of any huge NSV this week, but there was one small one that made me feel better about myself.  I worked out Tuesday morning when I really didn't want to.  I told myself that I didn't really need to because I'd be working out at the gym that night -- even though I decided when I first started going to the gym that I would still work out in the mornings in case something happened to keep me from making it that evening.  I didn't want to workout, but I did it anyway -- and I felt better, mentally and physically, afterward. 

What NSV did you enjoy this week?


  1. That is a great NSV! I've forced myself to work out in the mornings b/c of the same reason...never know what might derail my evening workout plans...and unfortunately I haven't been as consistent with my evening workout.

    I'll post about my HSV's on Monday and leave a link in your comments...BUT one fun NSV for me this week was when I put on one of my XL t-shirts that I normal have to purposely stretch out to feel comfortable in...I found I DIDN"T need to stretch the shirt out this fit comfortably just as it was! YAY!

  2. Yay!! What a great NSV!! I love when you start noticing your weight-loss in your clothes.


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